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Been a fan of yours for awhile, silently though. I love the lpc stuff you've done on opengameart, and I have used it a few times to make and print out dnd maps (I'm an immense geek... i use pixel art for all of the maps my buddies and I use.... We have pixelated tokens too...) I've got a little index card with links to your assets so I can be like "bros i didnt make this, i just put it together in tiled." when they alll lose their minds over stuff I use of yours.

This is simply beautiful. :)  Wish I wasn't broke, because all the enjoyment you have given to my gaming table deserves a tip. 

Its a tragedy no one's commented on this. I really like this tile set.  Never thought pixel art in sepia tone would actually work, but work it does. I may just have to grab this and make a world map in tiled with it for my dnd game. :)