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I was never a big fan of Regency-era stories and books, but this game has put that opinion entirely upon its head. I read through all three true love routes within a day. Then went back and read them again two days later. I loved it from beginning to end! A very well-done game all around, and absolutely more than worth the price!

It is entirely possible that I might die from falling off of the chapter 5 cliffhanger. You guys sure make amazing games and write amazing scripts and create amazing characters! I can't wait for the next chapters to come out! I love this so much!

I cannot even find all the words to tell you how much I love this game! The story was fantastic, the characters were bright and lovable! I played every path as fast as I could! The writing is fantastic and the art is beautiful! And it was so refreshing to find a game sensitive to gender fluidity! This game was very obviously a labor of love. My many thanks and I look forward to more!