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I'm not one to make comments so my thoughts might be scattered.

To start off, I really like the story of this game! The atmosphere made me feel both uncomfortable and alert. The story telling,  voice acting, and audio cues were very nice in my opinion. Really nice execution overall!

Spoilers down below

I really like how the voice's identity remains a mystery, the question whether "he" truly exists or he was just a voice in the player's head or something else entirely is up to the reader. In the end, the impact that the voice in the player's life will remain. 

 However, I don't know if this is intentional or not but I found some lines from the voice weird like it implied that the voice was in the vicinity or could see the person we were playing as such as his line in ending 2 " Why are you biting your lip and making it bleed?" or something along those lines...