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A member registered Oct 05, 2016

Recent community posts

You don't get a warning when you are being locked on. It would help if you heard a beep when you are locked on.

This is a very good game to be honest. I really love the ragdoll physics when you take a major hit or get hit by the shockwave of a explotion and the guns handle well. But the lock on weapon have to be removed, way too OP.

I can barely pilot the chopper before i'm shot down by one of those and you don't even get a warning for when you are being locked on or if a rocket from a lock on weapon is heading towards you.

But when it comes to additions, i would love to see attachments, multiplayer, classes and perhaps better handling for the chopper (It handles horribly!).

Something else that could be nice is better AI, i lose almost all the rounds because the AI just groups up or is just plain stupid. Then get stuck with 2 of the same flags on the map so we don't have choppers.

Would also like a third person camera for the vehicles, can be really handy.

Then, the huge request that will probably never be added: Mod support.

Would love to have the ability to add custom weapons, custom maps, custom playermodels etc... And if this game would in the future have dedicated servers, there could be server side mods which would allow custom gamemodes.