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Real good.
Despite being this a horror game.
To me, I find it having a sad vibe and emotional more than horror.   (Please forgive me ;-;)

Really like Yanxu's route, By the way.
11 out of 10 for this game.

Yuri 100/10
Cheesy Story (including some dramas) 100/10

SFW service 1000000000000000/10

Real nice, naisu, naisu.

I don't even know what I'm doing after I drowned into the stories I found out I have 256 pages of Saves for now lolol :Smirk:

Can't wait for more :Thumbs_ups:

And have a nice day, TeamANPIM. :Pray:

Real nice 

Heart healing 10/10

Gay 10/10

Total 100/10

No choices for fun alternate ways since it's Kinetic Visual novel, but 119 pages of game saving  :Smirk:

Hope there's more :Pray:

Heart Healing 10/10👍

Really nice.

By the way is there more of this? Because I would like to see more stories, and play more of this too.

All of the 4 main endings are truly magnificent. 

And there's a lot of tragic and sweet moments too.

Every characters' design looks very attractive too.

I wish to see more of this.

(Sorry If my English is really that bad. (_ _ ;) )