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This was really cute! Can't wait to play the full game ^w^

This game is really cool. I'd love to play the full version! 
Although I have to say I'm a bit bummed out because I can't play the bonus scene ;_; There seems to be an exception while running game code, I don't know if it's a fault on my side orr... 

No problem.  That's awesome! ^^

No problem! ^w^

This game looks amazing so far! The graphics are stunning, and I really enjoy all the characters ^^ (excepts from the guards... lol) Good luck on the game! I'd love to play the full version ^w^

The demo looks nice ^^ I really like the artstyle, and Prince's character

Very nice demo. The voice acting was pleasant to the ear, and I enjoyed the characters. ^^ The only thing that really bothered me tho, was how small the font on the phone was. It was a bit hard for me to read the glossary. ^^"

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At first, the single tied ending threw me off a bit, and I couldn't imagine how that would exactly work. But to my suprise, I actually really enjoyed this game ^^ The characters were very funny, and had adorable interactions with eachother. I also loved the more educational side of it, especially reading all the slang infos. Really good work ^^
Edit: I forgot to mention, the music is amazing! After finishing I just kept my game on for a bit to listen to it, haha. 

Looks amazing so far! I really like the graphics, and I'm curious to see how the rest of the story unfolds ^^

I've been a little hesitant to download the game at first, mainly because i thought it would focus too much on sci-fi (I'm not really sure where I got that from? lol) element and I wouldn't be able to finish the puzzles. But it was actually very enjoyable! The graphics and mechanics were really nice. I've already gotten a bit attached to some characters, so I will definitely follow the development of this game! I can't wait to see it finished ^^ Good luck!

It's an interesting game. I feel really intrigued by Cameron, and for some reason can't help feeling suspicious about Jaden... 

The only real problem I've had with the game is that the skip option didn't seem to work properly (it would only activate sometimes, or not at all). Besides that, I enjoyed it ^^

A really cute game! Can't wait to see it finished ^^

I enjoyed this game a lot! I especially had lots of fun with seeing the disappointed red dialogue from constantly checking the trash lol Can't wait for the full game!

This game is really cool, but also hard. I couldn't get the true ending no matter how many times I tried, which kinda drove me crazy tbh lol Still, it's a nice game

No problem!

This is really cool! Can't wait to see it finished ^w^

Aw this was pretty cool! I really liked Sylios and I would love to learn more about him T3T Dr. Frank and Sylios are so cute together uwu

Omgg! That's so cool >O< I'm so excited!! ^o^

Awh, don't bee TwT I don't blame you obviously T3T And yeaa it's super weirdd TvT

No problem! <3 
And thanks! ^^ 

Btw are you working on any other games currently? '3' 

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Ahhh T-T It's like, my third try with installing this game, and every time it's not working... This time some sort of font is missing T-T I'll try to istall it seperately, but maan why is that happening only to me...

EDIT: Got the font! And the game turned on *o*
EDIT2: Welp another thing is missing... Something about characters this time... Turns out fate just won't let me give this game a go TvT

I love it so much!! And omg the first ending took me so long to get for some reason xD But finally got them all uwu The artstyle is beautiful, the designs are super cool and I just adore both love interests! Tho I do have more of a soft spot for Jack lol 

Np! <3

Aah this is soo cute! I love how the relationship between Toa and Jett developed >w< It's amazing <3

Woah, that was twisted.. I was quite suprised by some of the endings! It's a nice game tho ^^

I love thisss >w<

This game is adorable!! 

Also I drew Toffee 'w'

Ah!! I love this game so much!!  Immediately made it to my top 3 visual novel! It's sooo good!! 'w' 

Here's my fanart: