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it didn't bother me either, but i guess some people are really sensitive on that topic so maybe warning and option to skip it isn't bad idea

and if it don't work moving folder with them to right place will work

on windows you don't need co copy yours saves, just unzip 0.4 version and you should be fine

Don't worry about "delays", you are doing amazing job, so waiting is always worth it.

Also remember that your mental and physical health is more important, so take your time whenever you need, you don't have to feel obligated to work more than you can, we will wait if need (and i'm pretty sure i'm speaking for most, if not every of us - your fans) (just saying ;) ).

Update just appeared, enjoy.

great game, didn't expect it to be kinetic novel (not sandbox), but quickly get used to that and i had a lot of fun, can't wait for more

this game have only 2 problems
1 updates take some time to release
2 there is not really much content per update
but it's understandable looking at renders and videos Alorth make, there is a lot of details, great physic of body etc, game is just beautiful and even tho last update was yesterday i already can't wait for more


capital letters matter

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good things about LA:
-lovely girls
-good story
-a little bit of grin, but only a little bit, so you shouldn't be bored because of this (things such as jobs)
-in development, so many things will still by added

August 2022*

yoooo how you are so good at making this, telling this is just "talent" would be insult, because at first sight the effort and hard work you put in making game is stunning, and this update is just amazing, i already said it in my comment a month ago, but renders are beautiful, soundtrack perfect fitting, story just too good and perfect humor, man how are you doing this

can't wait for scenes with Susui in smaller version ;)



we are supposed to hate MC aka Sensei, and this is success, i'm dropping this game because this just don't give me fun (quite reverse), if MC was different it could have been a good game for me, but now i do not recommend this game and leave 1 star

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there actually already is a reference to OiaLT in one of dialogue, as you expect i don't gonna tell more details but i hope you get it (if not reply this, maybe i will put that in spoiler here or something)

Is there any chance that Eva will become one of main girls? I would love to know her much better in game, i'm also curious if she can/will become friend with at least one of current main girls. Also, great game so far, renders are beautiful, really nice soundtrack, story really promising and still perfect humor, i really love Once in a Lifetime but this will probably lead to the even higher levels in everything, can't wait to the update.

(Also i'm in love in this "No One Know but Me" song from Eva moment, i'm just using this song to my meditation and this fits more than perfectly.)

Just download zip, unpack whole folder wherever you want and double click on TheHedmaster.exe

have fun ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

then unfortunately i don't know

maybe you are not far enough?

did you make sure to save exactly when the game open save screen in the end of v14

because he (or she, dunno) can't do this before next update anyway

you need to go to the bed and choose to end prologue

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