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Sad to hear this is being paused for now, but if it isn't working then it can't be helped, and there's no point in trying to force yourselves through it and making something you're not happy with!

I hope you can pick this up again, but whether you do or not I'll be looking forward to your other projects too ^^

This was... genuinely stunning. Like in the 'stop, take a breath, recovery' sense. For all its simplicity, it had an incredibly oppressive atmosphere, until reaching the relief of the good endings. I think the music played a large part in that - it did an amazing job of setting the mood! - but the dialogue (and lack of, where that applies) did a great job too. It always felt like there was that underlying threat, even during the "kind" parts of the conversation.

Thankfully it's not something I can relate to on a personal level, but it felt real enough regardless. Saying I "enjoyed" it would definitely convey the wrong mood, but this was brilliantly done and I'm glad to have played it. Kudos!

For how short this is, that left a hell of an impact! I need so many answers...

Fantastic O2A2 entry!

This was absolutely wonderful!! I adored the art, it was such a pleasing style and really suited the mood of the game, and the story itself was beautiful - so nicely paced, such a brilliant atmosphere (from optimism to trepidation to almost horror to sheer joy!) and a genuinely enjoyable main cast ❤ Dolchio's growth through his adventure was so well done - it felt completely organic - and it all built it up a very satisfying ending. What a treat this was!

This was absolutely SUPERB - I know it's only a demo, but I already love it so much, I can't wait for the final piece!

The art's gorgeous throughout, the music/sfx are so incredibly spot-on for setting the different moods, the pacing's great and I'm really invested in the story~ I love how everything comes together too; the animations on the sprites (subtle and otherwise) and the transitions between scenes make everything feel so smooth and natural, and the atmosphere during the 'horror' scenes is so deliciously intense, it really sets them aside from the "normal" parts of each day and makes it as unsettling for the reader as it does for Hikaru.

Speaking of Hikaru - I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!! His relationship and banter with Aki had me grinning non-stop, I love how much shit they give each other and how obviously they care about each other without being excessive with it. He clearly cares about Hiyori too, I love a supportive sibling ^^

(Also Karma is ridiculous in such a wonderful way, he's so precious 💞)

I really don't have any criticism to offer, I loved every bit of it and I'm really looking forward to seeing the rest 💖

I was hyped for the game anyway, but I'm just getting even more pumped with this update!!

Just finished playing, and I ADORE this so far! Love the premise and the story so far, the art's beautiful, and I'm looking forward to seeing the rest when it's released! \o/

I'm so glad you're reaching more milestones for this game, it was wonderful to play and you deserve all the success!!

Also, I'm SO EXCITED to see that Spooktober game, I'll keep looking out for updates! (The blond guy is an early runner to steal my heart...)

Also also, I love the pics from Yamanashi! It looks beautiful, I'd love to go visit Japan sometime...

Congrats on hitting the milestone!!! You really deserve it, this is such a wonderful little game 💞

Loved this demo, and really excited to see the final piece! The story was fun so far, I really enjoyed the gameplay and the merging of rhythm game and RPG, and the visuals and soundtrack are both superb!

I'll join the kickstarter soon, but was just wondering - at the moment the kickstarter rewards only list a Steam copy of the game, will there be any way to get a copy from itch as well/instead through the kickstarter?

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I went into this with more of a "Might be good?" expectation than anything, but oh man, this was unexpectedly brilliant - like legitimately, stunningly fantastic.

Without spoilers - I've only played through Sissel's route so far (as far as it's available), and it simultaneously delighted and devastated me. I gave up counting how many times it got me tearing up (happy or sad), but the way he and the story are fleshed out just draws you in and makes you truly, DESPERATELY root for things to work out for him. Everything's developed so well, it just makes it feel so alive and almost tangible. The happy moments are joyous to experience, and the sad ones are real gut-punchers.

I managed to catch the foreshadowing for some twists and got blindsided by others, which is testament to how well balanced the writing is, the story has gotten me hooked, and the artwork is great. I love the characters, the jokes land consistently, and I just can't wait to see more of it!   

This was so sweet!! 😭 I love their dynamic and the way they played off of each other, the art's wonderful, and the execution of the story was spot on - my heart is healed 💞

I had an absolute BLAST playing through this! It's a simple plot, but it's plenty enough to move things along at a nice pace for the cast to shine - and boy do they ever. I really enjoyed how the relationship develops at a pace that feels organic rather than forced, and the way that they went from hilariously snarking at each other to gradually developing feelings (...and still snarking at each other...) just felt like a really natural and sweet progression.

The art's lovely, the back-and-forth between the characters had me genuinely laughing out loud at times, and the ending was genuinely satisfying <3 I'll be saving this one to go through again!

This was a beautiful little game <333

I loved the change of mood as the game progressed - it started out fun and bright, but Florian's backstory was such a contrast to it, and the sudden shift of tone made it hit even harder. I was genuinely so sad for him, and so happy for him by the end - albeit in a very bittersweet sort of way.

For such a brief play time, it was an emotional rollercoaster, and I enjoyed every high and low along the way!

This was fun! For being so short and simple, it was a very well-delivered story, the twist was really well executed, and there's a good amount of lore covering everything it needs to in a very short space. Great work!

Really enjoyed this so far - Micah and Sylas's back-and-forth had me grinning all the way through ^^ Looking forward to more!

Really enjoyed this! The story's short but very immersive, and really hints at what might yet come - I'm looking forward to Chapter 1!

Also, it was really satisfying finding some of the different endings and different ways to play through - just simple changes, but they really altered the tone of it, which I appreciated

I really enjoyed this! Short but satisfying, and I loved the twins route especially~ (With my apologies to Edmund, Edward is the winner of those two in my heart <3)

Very much a case of "less is more" - very short and simple, but I really enjoyed it! For all the limitations of the Jam, this packs a solid punch, and the emotional beats in particular really hit home.  Well written and well structured, giving us just enough of an insight to be invested in Luke's story, and the open end and the question of where Luke goes now is honestly really intriguing - if there were any plans to extend this in future, I'd be all over it.

Really well done!

So, speaking with full honesty, I downloaded this more out of curiosity than expectation - more of an "It might be good?" rather than being excited for it. And I owe the creator an apology, because that was a gross injustice.

This game was absolutely fantastic. I went through so many emotions as I went through the various routes - confusion, chills, heartache, desperate sympathy, and finally delight - and the story was told so well, through the snippets, the hints, and the revelations. From such a simple premise, we're walked through a rich but desperate background, a horrific present (of sorts), and if you pick the right choices, you might even find a happy future.

In particular, I love that Alec was such a well-written character; he was so fucking tragic without it feeling tiresome or excessive, and at the same time it was so simply presented that he still felt incredibly relatable. What could have fallen into a Mary-Sue archetype instead felt so human and so authentic that I couldn't help wanting things to work out for him - I became wholly invested in him finding the happiness he deserved.

Download it, play a couple of routes for yourself, then work through the ending guide to get the full story - it's absolutely worth your time.

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I was expecting this to be a short and sweet little game - and it was. But oh lord, I was not prepared for the wave of emotions that were going to come along with it. That One Bit™ in particular hit like a brick, I physically flinched at it.

Really, genuinely loved this game. It was sweet, it was bittersweet, it was cathartic, it was relatable, and it just... was. And that's a wonderful thing ❤

(Edit: I just found the bad ending and I regret everything 😭)

This was a really fun game! Loved the sense of humour and the way the story played out, and the artwork was great too - goes without saying that Lily was the true star though ;)

Awesome news! Super hyped for this release :D

This game genuinely took me by surprise - I didn't go in with any particular expectations, but by the time I completed the three routes I was absolutely blown away. There's so much variety in the three routes' moods, the characters are all well-rounded and distinct, the story-telling and pacing was superb and the sombre moments were delivered perfectly - the three routes alone would make this a fantastic game anyway, and the true ending just puts the cherry on top.

Definitely recommend it!

Really enjoyed playing this~ The main game was well put together, I really enjoyed the art, and while it didn't go into great depth with any one character (not a surprise, being a GJ entry), there was enough to it to get me caring about them and what happened - and to get me interested enough that I went through and got every ending. The single-minded ending in particular really was a gut-punch, and made it clear that yeah, I really didn't want these boys to be sad.

The extra stories REALLY took it to a whole extra level though - having the time to let the guys slow down and be themselves, to give the player a chance to really get to know more about them (and the support cast!), makes so much difference. Seeing them with fully-realised, three-dimensional personalities was just a joy, and really enhanced everything from the previous playthroughs. Being more familiar with all the relationships and the depth of them just made the whole thing so much better, so I'm really glad those were included.

Game good, whole package GREAT. Now that I'm properly up to speed with everyone, I'm gonna go get a couple of those endings again and experience them the way they were intended~

Short and sweet, and so well executed! I really enjoyed this, the art was captivating despite (because of?) its simplicity, and the story was laid out so well. Great job!

Short, but very well executed! I really enjoyed this, and that little glimpse into the world you created for it was compelling - and the side notes you posted on here are all the more interesting! I'd definitely be interested in playing more of this if you ever do anything else with it~

(Also, love the art!)

This looks really promising! I love the break from the more typical BL VN themes, and the art's great - I'll be keeping an eye on this!

For the benefit of future readers debating whether or not to go for the extended edition - I recommend it!

As Hatoge said, the extra endings are accessed quite quickly, but one of them answered a "Yeah but why doesn't he just--" question I had, so that was a plus! Also the bonus content is fantastic; if you've grown to love the cast the extra details about them are a wonderful addition, and I love seeing a bit of history/background into the development of projects too. I also really appreciated the after-endings, they added to the story without feeling like a fanservicey cop-out~

So on my first playthrough, I was getting really interested in how much promise the game showed. Then I hit an ending and thought "...was that it?" - like it just felt like such an early finish, and such a waste. Then I looked at the walkthrough file and realised that, funny enough, it felt like an early finish because it was the 'early' ending. Well done me 🙄😂

Now that I've played through the rest of the game, I've got no hesitation saying it realised its potential. For how short the story is, there's a really good amount of depth to it, and the replay value is top notch with a decent difference to each ending (ending #3 in the guide absolutely slayed me 😂). The puzzles were satisfying without being torturous, the subtle in-game changes as it progressed were very well implemented, and we were given just enough character development that, by the end of it, I found myself invested in the guys' relationship and sincerely hoping for a truly good ending for them. The story was told well, I love the visuals, and just overall loved the game!

Didn't hesitate in buying the extended edition, I'm looking forward to seeing where it ends up.

(Also: Fio is such a precious bean, I just wanna protect him...)

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Just played through the demo and oh man, I am HOOKED. The art is gorgeous, I love all of the boys already (replay value babyyyyyy), the setting's really interesting so far, I went away humming the BG music and just... yeah, the whole package, loved it!

Really looking forward to release day when it comes!

I died. It absolutely killed me. The art is beautiful, the music is so pleasant and soothing, the accessorising game is cute, but the boys and the story? Oh god, my heart was not ready. I could play it ten times over and my heart would never be ready. I love them so much. This was just a delight from start to finish, so sweet and earnest and almost unfairly heartfelt and intense - never over-dramatic, just simple and clean and wholesome, but damn if it didn't bury itself deep in my heart and set up its own little nook in there