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Wowzer, love that art! :O

Would it be possible to please get a singles layout version of the PDF, rather than spreads?

Based on the name including "Regular", might we be so lucky as to see a flat-top version in future?

I'll go back and reconsider all my previous ratings through this new binary lens and adjust them accordingly. Thanks for taking the time to explain.

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Thanks for the informative read. It sounds like what you're suggesting is that I should use a 5-star rating as a 'seal of approval' and not provide any rating at all for anything I wouldn't consider to be worth of 5-stars, is that right? Thereby promoting content that I feel should have increased visibility, but not potentially decreasing the visibility of other content?

I'm not going out of my way when I rate content; rating content is the method that makes available for me to conveniently track what I've read and how much I liked it.  If there was an option to have all my ratings private - not visible to the creator or my (zero) followers - I would enable that.

Sure; it just isn't my jam. The style and themes don't appeal to me and I'm not interested in the type of stories it seems geared to tell.

That’d be grand. Thanks

Howcome Food of the Gods is spreads only now? I'm sure I'd previously downloaded a singles version.

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Hey this is really cool. There are some truly unique ideas on display, the layout is rad as hell, and the OST is perfect.

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A couple of times you mention a game called Blackbird. I can't find it, if it exists. Any breadcrumbs?

Also fuck yes that Jacob Geller video essay. It's high on the list of my favourites.

Into the Odd by way of Fringe or The X Files. It's great.

Positively touching <3

The art! Love the art.

Fuck yes those metal-eating Dwarves. The dread city Nacre, deep underground, is also great.

Sign me up for those fungal miscreant Halflings

Harrowgrave manor was the highlight for me, but it's hard not to mention the goddamn Lunar Vampires.

Possibly the only mecha TTRPG I'd be interested in playing.It was the presentation of the Damage paragraph that really got my attention.

A cute and quirky concept very simply executed. Definitely worth checking out.

"How do they play the internet in a festival?" got a legitimate laugh out of me.

I know this is categorized as a TTRPG, but it feels more like a ritual or meditation exercise to me. It's lovely.

An hilarious premise executed elegantly. A must-share with all bear (loving) acquaintances.

Very impressive. Incredibly succinct and concise. The inspirations come through strongly.

I'm inspired to try this solo sometime.

All I expected was some trivial novelty. What I got was subversive and deeply funny. Love it.

Goddamn I love this book. A beautiful supplement for Dolmenwood (or similar weird folkloric campaign settings) or the linchpin of a game of Tunnel Mycologists of the Far Realms.

Fantastic. Thanks.

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I see that the PDF is double-page spreads. Would it be possible to please get a single-page version? Many thanks.

Cheap Walking Tour and Herlock Sholmes both sound particularly great. Herlock reminds me a little of an extremely pared down version of The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen RPG/storygame/thing.