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Really nice overall style (graphics, music, etc...).
Althought different, it reminds me the Game Gear classic "Ganbare Gorby"/"Factory Panic".

Thanks for the game :)

He has a good article about SNES development :
There is info about other projects/platforms too :)

Easy to start and fun to play. What can go wrong :)

Thanks, I try to! ~somehow~ ^_^
Although because of this the game seems easy, getting the good ending is a little difficult

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It is looking reeeeally good
The Super Gameboy borders, the music... Everything shows TRUE GB LOVE.
Thanks for all your effort n_n

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Really nice game.  There is true love there :)

Just one thing. Let players configure buttons somehow please.
I was playing it and the default mapping is not the best for my pad

Thanks n_n

It's great to know people enjoyed playing the game 😊

Interesting and stressful additions to the formula

Thanks! It's a work in progress and playable on Gameboy too n_n

It could be done using a javascript/webassembly mega drive emulator.
I found this ( but there are others.
I did something similar with my Gameboy game:

I think the umbrella looks great as it is now too.
Are you working in the game alone?.

You are doing great.

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Thanks for the info (and the offer), I'll try to do it with those emus

It's a fun game and a good way to honor the 30 years of the Gameboy :)

How do you manage to embed the gameboy game?. It's great to play on web.

It'll be great to see it running on a megadrive ;D