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Enhorabuena por conseguir sacar un juego para la CPCretrodev! :) 

I couldn't let the GB down until I finished it ^__^U
Nice work

Os ha quedado genial, enhorabuena!.
Espero ver más cosas para la Morita boy

Incredible work with the SGB. And in 32KB!
Great work, thanks

Una pasada lo bien que se ve y lo bien que pinta. Ahora toca ver si cae en físico o en digital

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Muy buena idea y ejecución. Me encantó la entrevista con Javi Ortiz, así pude apreciar más los detalles del juego.
Enhorabuena por terminar el juego :)

PD: La portada ha quedado genial

Really nice version. Do you have any other Megadrive game in mind/development?

Looks and plays great. Really smooth feeling while playing.
Waiting for the cartrdge to arrive home ;)

Great job! I hope to see more in the future :)

Really fun to play!  :)

Thanks, I'm really glad to hear you like it :)
I hope you to like the new version I'm working on renamed to "Yōsei Wars"

Está complicado con el teclado, lo probaré en la consola.
Muy simpáticos los gráficos y la idea.

Love the video and the game :)

Thanks 😊

I'm working on a new version,  hopefully a physical one

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Since the rom is inmutable, you have to copy the map content into ram. The main problem is that it should fit (that is why I mentioned the map size limit)

edit: And thank you for playing the game :)

Does the game have scroll with large maps?.
One way is to clone the map to be able to write on it.
I did it in :

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I'm glad you like it. Its great to know how the magic was done n_n
You can see raster effects in GameBoy games. Look at the water effect in Hammerin' Harry Water Level
It is only that in my game is more evident ^_^U

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Thanks for the nice words Max.

The effect is a raster one. I am modifying the Y scroll each line using a table with the desired effect Y delta values.

More info about other effects here: 👌🏻

It is for MegaDrive, but some of them can be used in other tiled/sprites video game consoles.

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Really nice overall style (graphics, music, etc...).
Althought different, it reminds me the Game Gear classic "Ganbare Gorby"/"Factory Panic".

Thanks for the game :)

He has a good article about SNES development :
There is info about other projects/platforms too :)

Easy to start and fun to play. What can go wrong :)

Thanks, I try to! ~somehow~ ^_^
Although because of this the game seems easy, getting the good ending is a little difficult

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It is looking reeeeally good
The Super Gameboy borders, the music... Everything shows TRUE GB LOVE.
Thanks for all your effort n_n

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Really nice game.  There is true love there :)

Just one thing. Let players configure buttons somehow please.
I was playing it and the default mapping is not the best for my pad

Thanks n_n

It's great to know people enjoyed playing the game 😊

Interesting and stressful additions to the formula

Thanks! It's a work in progress and playable on Gameboy too n_n

It could be done using a javascript/webassembly mega drive emulator.
I found this ( but there are others.
I did something similar with my Gameboy game:

I think the umbrella looks great as it is now too.
Are you working in the game alone?.

You are doing great.

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Thanks for the info (and the offer), I'll try to do it with those emus

It's a fun game and a good way to honor the 30 years of the Gameboy :)

How do you manage to embed the gameboy game?. It's great to play on web.

It'll be great to see it running on a megadrive ;D