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Hey this is a cool ass game! 

Obrigado mesmo <3 ficamos muito felizes por ter gostado do joguinho! 
Joguei o teu logo depois de ver seu comentário e GOSTEI MUITO!! A arte ta muito bonita, os minigames são mt legais e todo o acabamento é mt legallll!! 


Replaced it! Try the new one!


Game Server for everyone who wants here:

Love this game 

No but you're free to create it....

🥺 thanks


Which dark path? Never saw it in the game!! 

Thanks a lot <3 Since you've already rated it, i suggest you play the functioning versions from ciscookie's itch, its worth it! 

This is due to the fact that we didn't upload the right build to the project and the grace period ended :( 
We reuploaded in another itch page but i'm not going to link it because it's against the rules, BUT you're welcome to play it!

Thanks a lot ;')
Glad you liked it

Thanks a lot for your thoughts about Abraxas <3

Really liked some of your takes on the narrative 

Thanks a lot for playing and recording the video <3. 
We are very happy that you liked the game !!! :D 

As Brazillians, we are very happy that the game made it's way into our country again :D
Nice  video!!!!

We're glad you liked the game and the atmosphere and tone of it! :D 

:D I'm glad you played it again!! Hope you liked it ;D 

Hello, the game is now finished, please try giving it a try now! 

Thanks a lot! We are improving the game a lot now, so you're invited to play it again when it's completed :D