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Aw this game is so cute and awesome! I enjoyed it a lot! Great job!

Unfortunately I couldn’t play the game :/ Web player is stuck in loading screen and I don’t have access to a mac…

Found it a little hard to control, but maybe I just suck at these kind of games :D also could not see the score and the first ship was missing for me. I played the windows version, because the web player resulted in an endless loading screen. (i know, unity webgl is a pain) But everything else worked fine. Nice work!

I really like the concept of the puzzle - even though I am really bad at it xD Some music would be nice and maybe an indicator what you can actually turn around. Found myself stuck a few times.

Would a custom shader graph skybox be okay? Or shaders in general for a skybox? For example to make a two color gradiant background.

Oh, didn’t notice :D Thanks!

Is it allowed to use other assets for sounds or to create our own sounds? like music soundtracks sfx etc.?

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Hallo Patrick!

Es freut uns, dass dir unser Prototyp gefällt!
Zur Zeit gibt es noch keine Anpassung der Steuerung im Spiel direkt. Das Projekt wird im kommenden Sommersemester fort geführt und wir haben uns deinen Vorschlag notiert und werden ihn einarbeiten.

Liebe Grüße vom TinyGod-Team