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Neil Sadie

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Thank you for playing! I am glad you enjoyed it and that is a pretty decent score!

Yeah I have thought about it. I think I would need to try a couple of variations to see what feels good

Fixed! Thanks for the help! 

Is it OK if I delete your top score to be fair to us mere mortals?  ;-)

Awesome find, thanks! 

Will fix that ASAP! 

Hmmm...I will have to look into that. Thought it was fixed. Did you play the browser or Windows version?

Thanks! I added it now!

You have to match colours or connect the flowers to the windmill. Longer chains score you more points. You can rotate with mouse wheel or right click

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By what to do?

Wow, that's an impressive score! Thanks for playing. 

Thank you so much for your feedback! 

I am pushing another update out on Friday/Saturday with two more monster models and a big change to combat. 

From now on monsters always attacks first, but they can also miss. This makes combat much riskier, but the fact that they can miss, keeps up hope even when things seem very bleak!

A clue for the next location: you will find out that while you fixed the radio, there is no signal down in the valley...

A new update has been released if you want to check it out!

Do you have a screenshot? Getting all 5 parts should bring up a notebook with text describing your victory! 

I am trying to figure out how to add some variability and extend the replayability of the game. I have some ideas to mix it up by adding story events for example.

Thanks for your support! I am glad you enjoyed it, and rest assured, I am actively working on this! Expect some updates soon!