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havent felt like playing the game for w hile. not sure if its cuz its not repetative or cuz i have no competition


pretty sure a timer isn't needed for a run, it just helps see how long you take in sections but it's not needed

I hope I find a way to make the timer automated cuz otherwise it will kinda ruin runs

My first Full game Any% run :>


you are a moderator now

also new charcters sounds cool

Would it be just cosmetic or actually have different movement style 🤔

you should have not told me that and add it without telling anyone to see if someone would find it T^T


ya, a leaderboard at the place of the game seems really good. And just 1 screenshot makes it easy.

Also I haven't recorded any of my top runs so I would have to replicate them which is hard so ya, keeping makes more sense to me but it's up to you

Ok, will add in a second 

Would be cool if there was a level here LOL


Also now that there is a page should we still submit runs here?

I wish I recorded this

Btw do you want to be a moderator on the page?
(basically just verifying runs)

if so please give me the name of you account



I dont get it. there seems to be no goal

any way you could turn it into HTML?

Great game, but it would be cooler if they actually reacted with eachother

I was gonna say I miss them but it said I forgive them

(1 edit)

Here is the link to it. I didnt excpect this to happen so soon. Good job eboat!


This is an RNG game i dont understand how to have fun...

Another amazing game

One of the most amazing games ever

This is probably the only level from the first 8 ill ever beat


ok, thanks

Since the down key doesn't do anything (outside the hub) how about a ducking animation that reduces your sliding on ice?

Lol thanks

273 is how I did first try

All 10 levels for 63.4 seconds. I sub 1 minute possible *hmm*

I think I did all levels as fast as I could.

I dont think Ill ever be able to beat them

Here is the path to the win

Can someone help me make this loop???

7.68 is the closest I can get to my record :(

Oops, I beat it again