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Omg i've waited so long for this

Have you Added anything sense releasing the game on steam?

How do you see this because i've never gotten this to trigger.

Is there anymore Easter eggs after the one in the old house?

Hey, played the game some more, we got to 5:30 and 21 anomalies fixed, but i have a couple questions, like, is there an end to the game? Why is it every time we fail, it says there are more anomalies? (EX: You fixed 2 out of 5 anomalies but then the next game it says you fixed 3 out of 6 anomalies) Amazing game still finding new things to scare us, i hope it gets more popularity soon so people can support it more! <3

Honestly an amazing game, fresh concept, and amazing fun, me and my friend have been playing for a couple hours and love it. Although, some anomalies are not working correctly, (I think) because there is what appears to be a man in the bottom left of the screen in the living room, but if you try to report him, there is no way to fix the anomaly. Other than that new things are scaring us sockless! If you worked on the game more, added more levels, and had like an endless mode i think it would be amazing.