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Thank you so much, we are so glad you enjoyed it!

We do have plans about creating an optional item/interact shine so don't worry about that. Also we know that there are some places where it the interact button icons are hard to read so that is also something we have thought about how we will fix going forward into the full game.

Thank you for the wishlist! At the moment unfortuntely no. We don't really have the native tools nor time to bugtest everything again, especially since none of us run linux. Not to mention Unreal has pretty shaky at best Linux support so we don't want to put something out there that doesn't work half the time. We will keep an open mind about it though because it would be great to be able to at the same time but don't get excited haha

Hmm possibly, Unreal works with a XInput system that windows natively has to recognise xbox controllers, so if you have an XInput wrapper that can make it think it's a xbox controller then you should be able to do it

Unfortuntely this sounds more like a problem with your computer so I don't think I can help. I hope you manage to find a fix regardless!

Thank you! We look forward to bring you the full game 😀

Glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for the wishlist too 🙏

Hmm thanks for letting us know! I have had a look through and have not been able to replicate it but I will keep looking 👍

Thank you for the suggestion, we do actually have plans for this but I will also make sure to think about expanding the interaction radius's too

Thanks for the play, Glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you! Very glad you liked it (or as google translate has lead me to believe 😅)

Thank you for the kind words! Yeah I think we felt players would want to just run by default but a few people have mentioned this so we definitely have plans to add this to the full game 😀

Thank you! We used Unreal to make this actually 😁

Thank you for playing! I enjoyed your playthrough, it was really nice to see you really get what we were going for, so thank you for the kind words!

Also we refused to put Saturn devouring his son in the game considering the trope at this point haha I decided to put just about every other Goya painting instead 😁

There is not unfortuntely, we want to look into localisation for the full game but for the demo we did not have the time nor budget

Thanks for playing! Definitely enjoyed your playthrough. Unfortuntely Unreal is really picky when it comes to controllers so it is only able to pick up either xbox controllers or PS4 (and other controllers) with a XInput wrapper like DS4windows.
Really glad you enjoyed it though and learnt to love the pencil 😁

Thank you! I am glad we could take you back 😁

Thank you for playing! I hope you enjoyed it, sorry you seemed to get lag problems.

Thank you! Tank controls can get a moment to get used to but once you do it's all good 😁

Thanks for the play! So glad you enjoyed it

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Now first of all I will say that controller is a focus for me, that is how you played these games back in the day and I think it's important to the feel to maintain this so this is not something I plan to change. Are we intending on improving the keyboard experience on the other hand? Yes. The big planned improvement in that regard is remappable keys but aside from that I am not sure what else to do. 


By the sound of it, you're not very used to tank controls which are a necessity of fixed camera angles or even more control issues arise (not even mentioning the authenticness of such controls) We do plan to look into camera-based movement but such a task was far too large to fit into the demo, so that should be able to help those who are not used to tank controls. 

"The graphics could obviously use a lift" I am not really sure what you mean by this. If you mean the UI elements then true, I am happy with the inventory menu but some of the other elements could do with some more work. If you just mean the general visual style of the game... I don't know what to tell you, this is a retro 3D game, this is what you are going to get 😂 There is an option to turn off pixelisation if that is what you want but that is all you're going to get in that regard. 

I am not sure I appreciate the implication you have that this was created with a lack of effort but I will give you the benefit of the doubt in this due to English clearly being a second language here. I can tell you that we have put in all of our effort in this demo but time constraints are a limiter. As we move towards full release now, we will be able to put in all our effort and the benefit of time to make this the best game it can be. 

Thank you for playing! Really glad you enjoyed it and we are looking forward to bringing you the full game!

Thank you for playing! Don't worry, there is plenty more to come with that in the full game.

Thanks so much 🙏

Thank you! Don't worry, the demo is paced for the demo. Expect things to be paced and play different from this in the opening of the full game

Thanks for playing! Happy that you enjoyed it. Look forward to bringing you the full game!

Thank you so much! Glad that we managed to convert you haha Thanks for playing.

Thank you for playing. Glad you like it!

Thank you! 🙏

Thanks so much for playing! Glad you enjoyed it

Thanks a lot of the playthrough! Really glad you enjoyed it

Thanks for playing! Really glad you enjoyed it. Love your video intro by the way.

Thanks for playing. Glad you enjoyed the game, we really tried to make sure it properly hearkened back to the classics

Wow thanks for the video! Very excited to see someone figure out how to fulfull skull's wish too!

Thanks for playing! Really happy you enjoyed enjoyed it so much

Thank you! So glad you enjoyed it

So glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing

Thank you for playing and I am very glad you enjoyed it so much!

Unfortuntely Unreal Engine is a bit pickier with controllers so unless it's either a Xbox controller or a controller with a XInput wrapper, it won't be able to detect it.

Thank you for the wishlist and looking forward to being able to share the full game!

Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed!

Well Skully just wants somewhere to rest his weary bones, but be careful, he can be a picky skeleton 😉

Thank you for playing! Glad you enjoyed it (or so google translate told me)

Thank you for playing! Glad you enjoyed it.