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The game does load correctly and seems to have a very unique theme for the 2D platform game.

This game does seem to have a few bugs including:

When santa falls into the water without jumping he doesn't die or drown when he hits the bottom leaving the character and player trapped. Also when the character changes direction, the camera jolts causing a flash like effect which could cause people who are highly epileptic to have issues with the game - this means in terms of HCI, the game isn't as accessible one would like though this could be fixed by making the camera movements smoother. Additionally, the level appears to be incomplete as there is no apparent end or final area - it is just randomly 3 tiles floating above the abyss.

However, this game does have some good points such as;

The character does have an idle animation making the character seem more animate and realistic. Additionally, the character's run animation appears to be well timed with the character's speed as well making the character not seem unrealistic. The jump height is ideal for this map as all the areas are accessible and I do like how you can make your character dance whilst falling. I also like the addition of the status effect applied to the character whilst in the water which prevents them from jumping as high.

All in all it is a decent game though the lack of a clear end is a let down the rest of the game is relative well done for the limited time span to build it.

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This game is a functional (it does load) and whilst it does have a few bugs it more than makes up for it in comedic value.

Some of the issues I immediately notice consist of;

The character does not have an idle animation - this isn't exactly game breaking but it is noticeable. Idle animations are just an aesthetic choice or in my case - a preference. Another thing I noticed in reference to the character itself is the fact that it is floating slightly - this could be viewed by some people as an issue because of the "Lack of realism" and well it is. However, some people may consider this a bug but I'd like to think it is intentional to make the knight seem like he is wearing hover boots thus also validating the super jump the character has in game (the super jump is not an issue). The character also doesn't have a jump animation which whilst not absolutely necessary, it would add to the realism factor which most look for in a game.

The good attributes of the game consist of;

I really like how the running animation (which obviously does work) seems realistic compared to the characters running speed. Additionally, I like how the entire level is accessible by the character using their unique super power -the super jump - not to mention has areas in which the character can die. The death animation is really smooth and works brilliantly every time the game loads showing consistent results. The character does indeed die at suitable points taking into account that the character has a high jump, the fall speed required to die is ideal as it means the character won't die from it's own jump. Additionally, when the character does die, after a few seconds the game restarts thus allowing the player to try again without cutting off the death animation.

All in all this game is very good in terms of play-ability and enjoyment despite the limited time span the creator had to build it and had very few bugs.