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I really like the visual style of the game. The colors and tones chosen are very pleasing.

"we, Ukrainians, would rather die than leave all this without consequences!" I hope you're writing this from a trench, otherwise this is the biggest cynical shit I've ever heard. People want to live, many aren't ready to exchange their lives in order not"to bend under Russia?". Ask your fellow citizens who died at the hands of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for "betrayal", if they were ready to exchange their lives for "freedom", oh yes, you can't because they DIE.

Let me know how we will communicate if needed.

Hi. Do you want to be in a team or are you putting together a team?

I can offer my help. Not to say that I'm good at drawing, I'm more of a student, but I would like to try my hand, perhaps as an additional artist. Draw chests for example.) Or some other little thing.