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NEET Detective

A member registered Jan 04, 2017

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Hot damn, that writing is something alright. Look forward to seeing what else ya got in store in the future.

Wow that art looks epic. Can't wait to see how it plays in the final build!

Wasn't the kickstarter goal for romancing AI 50,000? Did things change or did we meet it somehow? Either way, keep up the good fight. ^.^

If you ever decide you want voice actors, i'm willing to put down $2, a button and some lint I found, towards that fund.

It's really interesting to see the thought process behind the scenes. After your explanation of how you plan to proceed it's good to see you take this with upmost thought and seriousness. On the flip-side seeing that there is a lot of room for flexibility and change in the plot, tells me that this may take a while. At the same time, no rush: quality is a priority. Keep up with the updates, they are much appreciated.

Exceptional writing, appropriate music, well-drawn character sprites. Short for a demo but the high quality left me wanting more; can't wait to see how it all comes together.  Definitely a step above traditional visual novels on here.