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Thanks for reporting it, I will do more tests on lower spec machines!

Thank you Saberman as usual :)

Thanks for your feedback! I would wait for new versions in the coming weeks as the current doesn't offer much, but if you really want feel free to do a video, up to you 😊

Thank you!

I love it too 😁 and thanks for the video!

As the title says, is it allowed to publish work in progress versions of the game here on itch?  Thanks!

Thank you!

Thank you! Never played the C64 version but consumed the NES one!

Thanks! I hope it will play awesome as well :)

Also curious, what about the legal issues related to porting existing games?

Thanks for your comment! Scorpion Engine is the real deal and I am sure we will have a lot of fresh games to play on our Amigas :)

email sent! :)

My pleasure, thanks for all the news you post about my game!

Thanks a lot! :)

It is planned :)

Sorry, not on my radars..


Yes, that's one of the few things I can add to the demo, kill Ken and restart.. let's see, no promises ;)

Thanks for your feedback, great to know it works well on every model, kudos to Scorpion Engine :) I will do my best to deliver a quality game for the Amiga community to enjoy!

Thank you!! Super appreciated! The comment, the article and the donation! I'm doing my best to continue the development until the game is complete :)

You played the the first levels perfectly, very good! Thanks for the video!

Thank you very much!

Thank you for your appreciation! :)

Thanks a lot! I'm trying to submit at least one update per week so stay tuned :)

Madooo, bei tempi! :D