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Yes! New version will have the quit menu entry ;)

Next update I will provide a workbench friendly lha archive as well

Thanks Saber!

Thanks man, as usual you are amazing :)

Since when? Since your last message it got a lot of updates, but not many in the last six months due to my job. From November I will have a lot of free time again so expect another update in the upcoming weeks :)

Awesome again man, thanks a lot, video link on game page updated again :)

Hi Havie55, those are not really my assets, I'm just using sprites and background from the SNES version as-is, didn't touch anything graphically. You can find them here

That's my hope as well, we all deserve a good SF2 on Amiga!

Thanks Saberman!

Hi, it is in very slow development as other priorities took all my free time, it has already improved a lot since the last demo but level design is not ready for a new public demo unfortunately

Thank you so much! :)

Thanks for the feedback amigalive! At the moment P2 is just a teasing feature but I will try to implement it when I finish all the levels

Thanks! For now player 2 is just teasing, I will try to add it whenever I will finish implementing the levels

Thanks for the feedback, unfortunately within the given time I had to sacrifice optimizations to get more content and re pixel all the assets. I will for sure try to optimize it but not being coded in assembly I don't think I will manage to get it smooth on a base A500. I also think nowadays that shouldn't be a major problem given all the expansion possibilities :)

Thanks a lot!

Thanks for your feedback! I'm working on level3 right now ;)

Thank you! :)

Thank you!

Yes ofc, use the WinUAE Amiga emulator


Thank you, I try :D

Cheers :)


Awesome as usual! :)

Sorry for the late reply, I wrote you an email, thank you!

Thanks a lot!

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Thank you Saberman, super fast! But you forgot to record the intro (wait 7 seconds in the menu without interacting) ;-)

Hi, thanks for testing Jackal! Yes it is normal because the boss fight was not implemented, I'm going to release a new demo later today where you can fight against the blue tanks so stay tuned! :)

Thanks for reporting it, I will do more tests on lower spec machines!

Thank you Saberman as usual :)

Thanks for your feedback! I would wait for new versions in the coming weeks as the current doesn't offer much, but if you really want feel free to do a video, up to you 😊

Thank you!

I love it too 😁 and thanks for the video!

As the title says, is it allowed to publish work in progress versions of the game here on itch?  Thanks!

Thank you!

Thank you! Never played the C64 version but consumed the NES one!

Thanks! I hope it will play awesome as well :)

Also curious, what about the legal issues related to porting existing games?

Thanks for your comment! Scorpion Engine is the real deal and I am sure we will have a lot of fresh games to play on our Amigas :)

email sent! :)