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Ah... I have the 64bit version of 3.6.2.  I'll get 32 bit and try again... :)

EDIT: That fixed it...awesome!.  Now to convert my Python code to utilise the AGK UI.  This is going to make things so much easier for me.  Thanks again!


first of all, THANK YOU so much for this.  I have been developing in AGK for a couple of years or so now but whenever my projects get reasonably sized I suffer from not having Object Oriented code.  I turned to Python and really missed the power of AGK but my code as improved thanks to Python.  This looks like the best of both worlds and I'm so excited.

However... I get this error "ImportError: DLL load failed: %1 is not a valid Win32 application." so I can't even try it yet :(

I already bought AKG, but if I can get this up and running and convert successfully to Python then I will be so happy.  I will gladly donate as I think this is such a great step forward.  You should definitely market this better.  It would make the current suggested approach for Python game development (PyGame), in my view, a poor cousin to the excellent AGK library.  Its a much better graphical development platform for beginners, Python is great, but graphic interfaces are frankly very poor.  This would solve this issue.

The very best of luck, and please don't abandon this...!  The Python community need you!