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Yes, editing them is totally fine! I’m glad you like them and I hope they help ^^

so pretty! I am so excited to unlock all the achievements~!

TYSM! <3

Aw, thank you so much! 

For those who may want some 2D illustrations of various mushrooms! The pack is free for personal and commercial projects (and in the public domain) but if you wish, you can credit Kaden Ramstack!

Please remember to check the terms of use!

Thank you! To be honest, it's nothing special or complicated! 

I use Fotosketcher (you can download for free to your computer) painting #5 watercolor. I adjust the strength of the affect to how I like and soften the edges. Sometimes I need to adjust the darkness or lightness of an image as well, which you can also do within Fotosketcher.

For the premium packs, I charge a tiny bit because there's more BGs in total (that I edit one by one) that also includes using a different app to manually create the time of day differences. 

I hope this was helpful!

Thank you for playing! Yes, there are difficult themes/topics expressed in the game--I hope they weren't too taxing for you during stream. 

Thank you for your appreciation of the MC's story, it is very dear to me. 

I am glad to hear the game moved you so much! 

Thank you for your kind comments! 

Since it was made for a jam, we couldn't fully expand on the story/features as much as we possibly could have, unfortunately. 

I think others would like to see Fuyu a little more 'evil' as well! 

Thank you so much for your kind comments! We're glad you enjoyed Winter Flower.  ^-^ Fuyu definitely seems to be popular ;)

It is nice to think about how their lives together potentially turned out. 

Thank you for creating a video, that's amazing! 

I'm typing this out on my phone so sorry for mistakes! (SPOILERS!) This will go over my thoughts for each route so it will be long, apologies in advance.

I, to be honest, wasn't sure about this game in the beginning since I simply didn't know much about it. I haven't read many urban fantasy stories but was intrigued. 

I did enjoy the relationship between the MC and her father from the get go. All of the relationships in the game, regardless if romantic or not, were extremely natural seeming to me. 

The first route I started was Yuutos though I didn't realize I was starting his route until I was locked in. (Not complaining) I was glad I did his route first since he was the first character we were introduced to and made me curious. 

I liked the fact that the MC in his route was unsure about maintaining her new friendships and how uncomfortable getting out of your comfort zone truly can be. I could definitely relate to her nerves and anxiety.

Yuuto is, frankly, a jerk. But as the route progresses you slowly realize some of the reasoning behind that, and the fact that no one is as simple as they appear. Despite treating the MC unfairly at first, it was heartwarming to see him try to reign in his temper and even see him crack a smile. 

After the two became more accustomed to one another, the playful bantering became fun as well as seeing them slowly become friends. To be honest, I was a little...wary? Unsure? Of the dreams we had of him, since it seemed so early into the friendship. 

Despite this, I was glad of the MC having a best friend she could truly rely on and get advice from (even if her thoughts were always in the gutter lol) 

Overall I really enjoyed Yuutos route. It seemed to be the most dynamic and realistic to me. 

The character I was most curious about that grabbed my attention first was actually Quinn. Maybe it was his sheepish nature, I'm not sure, but he was the second route I did. 

Seeing him flustered constantly was cute, and I easily grew worried for him at the music festival. Compared to other routes their relationship quickly became a romantic one, which surprised me a little. 

His backstory was tragic, yet it was great to see the MC effortlessly support him and quiet his anxieties. I honestly enjoyed the time they/'we' spent together. 

Despite being younger and inexperienced, his feelings were always clear. (Unlike a certain someone's lol) Seeing him so animated about marine life easily made me mirror his smile. 

Overall, his route was sweet and surprisingly the most...domestic? In the end.

Third route I played was Sullivan's. To be honest he wasn't really my type, probably due to his extroverted personality. However he was easy to become friends with and always made sure the MC felt welcome and accepted, no matter what happened.

It was a bit surprising to see him get flustered, since he came across as extremely confident and sure of himself (not in a cocky way, though)

Overall his route was fun, even if there were stints of drama. 

Last was Eryck. I didn't know he was even a route option at first! But his jokes and carefree banter were infectious, making me care about him from the beginning. 

I felt sad a bit at his lack of memory (and whole being dead thing) but was pleased yet a little shocked when it suddenly returned. 

I think I had the most fun with him out of all the routes. It seemed natural to me. I think the way things progressed into a romantic nature made sense and didn't feel forced. 

I did find it interesting that MC's powers changed depending on the route! As for R18 content I won't really comment much on that. The scenes were short and left me wanting a little more, but all in all were well done. 

To be honest, I can't really choose a favorite character route. Each were unique yet the fact of them all being family/friends was totally believable. 

So, thank you for creating such a fun, enjoyable game! (I'm continuing my second playthrough tonight) I basically smiled at the screen for hours on end, playing the routes back to back. 

Thank you so much for your wonderful in-depth comment! 

The team is thrilled you not only enjoyed but also connected  to the game and cast. 

We're so glad to hear how happy the game has made you and has connected you to the community as well!

Thank you for playing (and enjoying) our game; comments like these are really special to the team. 

Thank you so much for your wonderful comments! We're especially glad you enjoyed Reggie's friendship/relationship with the MC.

Thank you so much for your play through and wonderful comments! The team is incredibly glad to hear such kind words and that you enjoyed playing our little game!

Thank you so much! I am very glad to hear you enjoyed the game; everyone truly did their best. 

Thanks again for making a gameplay, that's awesome! 

Thank you so much for your kind words! We've recently updated the game to feature even newer, shinier sprite artwork so if you're able feel free to have a look!

Thank you so much for your wonderful comment and enjoyment of the game! 

Thank you so much! 

Thank you so much for your kind reply! 

Our programmer pays lots of attention to the cinematic details, and is happy to hear your kind comment! 

Hello! Thank you so much for playing (and enjoying!) our game! 

We are currently working on a walkthrough for all of the available routes with their endings and will post them when completed. :) 

Ah, yes that's true. Currently his route is the only route completed--though in the future we will be adding the other romantic routes to the game. 

This looks promising! I'm currently looking for a narrative-heavy engine that also has point-n-click features. 

Messed around for a few hours but couldn't get one scene to go to the next (with changing backgrounds/'rooms'). 

Might come back to this one day!

I just added a watercolor styled winter park background pack! 

Winter Park BG Pack

We're glad to hear that you enjoyed his interactions!

Thank you for your kind words; we're glad you enjoyed playing the game! 

Thank you!

Thanks so much for enjoying our little 'mascot' ghostie! 

We appreciate you taking your valuable time to play, even if it's just a little bit of the game. We hope you enjoy talking with all of the characters and get to know them. 

Thanks again for playing, and for leaving a comment!

Thank you so much for playing and leaving such a lovely comment! 

The team is thrilled to hear that you enjoyed 'the heck out of' our game as well as appreciated the voice acting.

We're excited for you to play the other endings! 

Hi! I would consider Kellam a Kuudere--he's cold and off-standish on the outside, initially having no interest whatsoever in the MC. 

Unfortunately, his route has yet to be written!

I'm hoping to assemble a team next year to continue this project. 

Thank you so much for playing and leaving such a nice comment! We're glad to hear you enjoyed playing the game and liked the concept. 

Thank you so much for playing and leaving such a lovely comment! 

We're glad the MC is relatable and that you had a funny interaction with our dear resident fairy. 

The team is grateful that you enjoyed the game and our determined characters!

Thank you so much for your wonderful comment! 

We're glad you found the MC relatable and worth cheering for, as well as appreciating the uniqueness of each LI. 

Thank you again for you kind words; we are all truly thankful you enjoyed the game and were able to have some Halloween fun. 

Thank you for taking the time to play and comment! 

As you mentioned, the game is very much in alpha. It was made during a game jam that happened to be many of the team member's first ever visual novel. Despite this and some setbacks, we are proud we were able to submit the project to the jam during the submission period.

Many of the things you mentioned we agree with and have already started brainstorming how to correct. 

At this time, we are enjoying the simple pleasure of accomplishment before diving back into work.

We're glad you played and look forward to releasing the next update.


Thank you so much for playing! The team definitely relates to staying up late to finish playing a game. 

We're glad you enjoyed charming Jim as well as the rest of the hard work the team put into the project! 

Thank you for taking the time to play and leave such a lovely comment. 

We're so thrilled to hear you enjoyed playing and appreciated the voice actors! 

We have noticed that mistake as well and will fix it in the upcoming update. 

Thanks so much for your kind words and for playing!

Thank you so much for your kind words; we're glad you enjoyed the game!

We 100% agree that they can definitely be scarier.

DAX, our resident GUI artist, will be pleased to hear you loved their work! 

Thanks for taking the time to play as well as leave a comment, we all greatly appreciate it. 

There is no Nico route.

Thank you so much for your kind words; we're extremely glad to hear you enjoyed the game! Thanks for telling us who your favorite character is as well, and I hope you enjoy the other character routes too! 

Thanks so much! We're currently in the process of writing walk-throughs for available characters