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love the music and graphics!

i'm crying. 

thank you for such a simple story. through it's simplicity, you've managed to explain what this sort of thing is like perfectly. thank you for telling me words i needed to hear.

and thank you for such a fantastic little masterpiece.

Very enjoyable! The art was amazing, gameplay was interesting and the writing was hilarious. 

Thank you!! i hope we get a sequel :-)

absolutely adored this game!! the art, the music, the storyline; it was all incredibly enjoyable. 

Thank you!!

A very simple, yet enjoyable game!! I really loved the designs and the concept, however, gameplay could be quite difficult; it took a while to find a way to get the note across. Completing it was very satisfying, though!

Thank you for a fun game!!

downloaded without realising it's not finished, and i accidentally got attached... All good though!! just means i'm more excited for the final release!!