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probably the most profound story I've experienced in in 5 minutes. Seriously this is so cool. Really takes you into some else's life and leaves you wanting to know more, in the best of ways

RocketBall community · Created a new topic RocketBall Bugs

Please post a description of any bugs that you find while playing here. Minor, major, and everything in between. It's very helpful. The more descriptive you can be about the bug and what you were doing when it occurred the faster I can get to the bottom of the issue, and get it fixed. Thanks again for your time.

Please post any feedback about the game that you have here. It is immensely helpful in helping me make the game more enjoyable for people, and I greatly appreciate you taking the time.

Awesome, engaging, thought-provoking experience. Had such a great experience playing. Really impressed with the level of emergence and allowing the player the freedom to find their own solutions. Lots of moments of "I wonder if I can do this...?" try it, and it works! Download and play this game. 

@jupiter_hadley great video! Thanks so much for including our game! We really appreciate it. :