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its for the best. I would have bounced forever if nothing stopped me

very nice

very good. i enjoyed the drama

very good. i like the music, and was surprised by the developments. i enjoyed paying

very good.  lots of controlled chaos. enjoyed punching

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very good. a bit tricky in the traditional billy bouncer way, fighting against billy himself. I enjoyed billy

Didn't get to finish in time. Will work on it over the next few days. Don't you sweat,

He was going to meet his girlfriend but then fired up billy bouncer and wouldnt stop and said "fuck her" and kept playing

Created a new topic 3 more days
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I started two days ago, I'm begging here

im not trying to be a  hardass here, but everytime i select level 1 of original billy bouncer, it crash

okay for real did you just make this up

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Yeah, I guess. use your best discretion. This isn't meant to be a strict contest, just something to spark your brain juices.

Thank you. You are swell.

Really cool game, I just wanted one thing cleared up. Can you only use actions with the same amount of open eyes, or does the amount of eyes have to match the actions?

Very nice, I'm a fan

I love it!

Very pretty, love the effects

Really good!



I love it

Really cool style, you should definitely do something with this

I figured it out. Your sprites are slammin

Please make it so I can start the game, my child is crying!?!

This is so damn dope!

Love the look

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Much obliged

Created a new topic Won't download

Either I'm clicking this button wrong, or Itch is just plain not letting me download this 

Fuck you!