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Can't wait for more

very nice



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Very nice game. Fun, spooky, rewarding. We gonna get an OST?

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doesnt really feel punk after finishing it, but it was fun to make

a treat

A whirlwind tour de force about the inhabitants of "New" "Ice" "York". Watch as all you try fails, and all the crime scales.

This is now even more useful than you could have imagined

That wasn't an angry comment, it was a happy one

Wow, there's a lot here. I actually like this weird disjointed format for telling a story. Also, did not expect to see CT featured

Bonus points for making me download software to actually see the entry

Captures the true game jam experience

An honest man

Toeing the line. I like it. Gave me some laughs!

Yeah, I keep getting interrupted by stuff, too. Just gotta go quick






Use them at your leisure. The nature of what you make might not allow for some/all of the themes. So don't worry too much. Have yourself some fun.

im glad people are coming up with things I've never heard of

hell yeah

Do what you want. Remember, it's about trying something new,

yes sir!

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yeah. But it wont be super cool. just plain cool

i cannot wait to see this

That's pretty cool

I'm making a comic

Yes, and yeah.

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With the jam starting in less than a week, do you have any big ideas? Are you going to make something not on the main list? Did you think up some new form of entertainment? What are you hoping to get with this jam? Spill your beans below! But don't spoil too much, gotta save something for the jam.

its for the best. I would have bounced forever if nothing stopped me

very nice

very good. i enjoyed the drama

very good. i like the music, and was surprised by the developments. i enjoyed paying

very good.  lots of controlled chaos. enjoyed punching

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very good. a bit tricky in the traditional billy bouncer way, fighting against billy himself. I enjoyed billy

Didn't get to finish in time. Will work on it over the next few days. Don't you sweat,

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I started two days ago, I'm begging here

im not trying to be a  hardass here, but everytime i select level 1 of original billy bouncer, it crash