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Very nice fish, thanks

Very nice, I want to eat em

Wow, that is really nice. 

Love them

This is the future of pixel art games 

This looks great. Thank you.

Great tool. Thanks. Can make a tileset out of anything out there.

Looks like a great and helpful tool for a lot of different types of projects/mind mapping, planning things. 

This is awesome! I love sweet/food-themed things. And frogs. So cute.

Thanks for the frogs!

Fantastic! Thank you. 

I haven't started building my games yet. But this seems like a must-have. Thanks. 

These are really nice swords, I enjoy them greatly. 

Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks. Now to learn how to make games.

Very nice, thank you. 

This is used in Vampire Survivors

Very nice faces

Nice, could you put them as a zip?

Version of this was used in 'Noxious Weeds', an upcoming Horde game that I think will be well-received :) 

Very very nice sprites. 

Whoa these are great to fall asleep to as well. 

Thank you :)

Very nice!

Very nice!

Those are very beautiful locks

Very nice.

Thank you :) 

Sounds good :) Thank you. I'll use this when I have time. 

Does this require NVIDIA?

Is it possible to get an offline version of this?

Very nice and beautiful

Very nice pixel art, i love food

Very nice. Juicy lava

This looks really useful. Thank you

I love these so much. 


Very nice.

this looks great, nice bug

This is awesome, thank you. The sprites are well done and I really like the aesthetic

This is under Assets, should probably be in Games