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no need to be sorry omg that's so so exciting for what u gotta!! if u ever do find the motivation and time for it, there's definitely ppl who would play it but there's no point in forcing it

honestly down so bad for nicky it's deplorable. can't wait to be reduced to a puddle of forest goo when u release the sequel <3

This was so fun!! The atmosphere and MC + Kan were so interesting, and the only issue is that i wish it was longer! I've only managed to get two of the endings but i'm assuming? the blood suits him ending is the "good" one? 

<3 hehe exciting

I'm not sure if it's just a issue on my end, but the demo won't let me start the game.

In between each transition on the home screen this glitchy screen shows up before loading in the screen (e.g, the config screen)

As well as this, the name box is squiggled out? and when I click start it crashes completely.

I've tried loading it using both steam and installing it manually but alas :^[  Am I missing something on my end?