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im only maybe half an hour into the game but i can tell im gonna be a huge fan. the MC is so close to my life situation its startling, the art design is pleasing to look at and the music is an utter jam. frankly this is exactly the type of game regarding its atmosphere that i had in mind when i first thought of making my own last year. its still in its baby shoes since im focusing on life, but i feel really inspired to make it now! frankly im shocked that i havent heard about your game at all until i found it by pure chance. 

i know this is a lot to ask and like, no expectations, but have you thought about expanding your accounts to tumblr? i dont frequent twitter or instagram, but id love to share posts about your game! if not, would it be alright if i made a post about your game? sorry if im coming on too strong, im just feeling so taken by TODO. but no hard feelings if its a No to both.

have a good week!