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I enjoyed the puzzles, I definitely got lost a couple times but it was fun. Cool to see you made the game with your nine-year-old brother, I would've loved to do a project like this at that age.

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I beat the game pretty fast, I wish there was a little more!

I beat the first boss! I don't know if it's intended to end there but after that no more enemies would spawn. Regardless, it was fun for a few minutes.

You have some interesting platformer mechanics. The character controls using tongue and eggs works well.

Level design could use some work. Its hard to tell where to go and sometimes you feel like you're going the wrong way when you're not.  Landmarks of some sort would go a long way towards fixing this. There's also a lot of hallways and flat platform after flat platform.

Dialog needs some sort of indicator that tells you when its finished. At first I would read the first line and walk away thinking that's all there was.

The king of the targays needs some indication when damage is dealt besides shrinking. I wasn't sure if the eggs were doing anything.

Overall it's not bad, I was intrigued by your game's style and enjoyed learning your games mechanics, but I feel with some better level design it could be much better.

It's a touching story. I enjoyed it. One small criticism, in the market there's no incentive not to start high/low and slowly change your offer a hundred times to get the exact best price. Maybe limit the number of offers you can make?

Thanks for the button

Harder than it looks. I misplaced my checkpoint beneath the hole in the bridge which kind of ruined my run since the bridge jump is actually pretty difficult