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Hey, thanks for your feedback!
This is an old Ludum Dare demo of Keep the Keep, have you tried out the Steam demo?

Hey there :) 

Fair enough, thanks for the feedback!
I hoped visual clues and cat's dreams would be enough to tell what's going on, but it seems that the game could use some more direct player feedback.

Currently, it's telling you what did human do last day / night, explaining the change in interior and resources (hearts, fish, coins) at the top left. Would you prefer that to happen before the actual change is done, making a prediction of sorts?

Not really launchable under Linux or Mac, please remove those platforms from the list :)

Hey, could you please connect this page to your LD submission? Got here from the video above and could not get to your page to rate it :)

Had performance issues on Mac Pro 2017 :( Couldn't play because of everything being super slow and laggy

Не смог пройти. Деньги в стране кончаются. Подскажите, откуда брать прирост ВВП?