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I used clickteam fusion 2.5. If you click more information, you can see which engine the game is made on among other things.

Looks cool.

Here's my gameplay of it. It's kinda bad though.

This is a really cool experience that somehow manages to make me go "What the hell" every time I open a door. Good job!


I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you so much!

Looks really amazing so far! I've got to say, this teaser was pretty badass. The VHS style was superb and very well executed. I'm excited to see where this project heads!

Really cool game dude! The monster was actually really terrifying. You nailed the atmosphere too!

Neat little short horror experience. I liked it quite a bit. The atmosphere was really good and it told a rather interesting and strange story.  All in all, a solid experience!


Looks really cool, I really love the atmosphere and aesthetic. It reminds me of one of Puppet Combos games. I'm excited to see more of this project. :)

Thank you for the reply.

Awesome to see it release. When will it release on Steam?


The atmosphere in this game is nothing special. It's bland at best. The plain red background, the repeating textures, and the 20 second 8-bit loop in the background are very boring. For atmosphere, Saving Mozart gets a 3/10.


Saving Mozart is a simple platformer, with only two colors. Red and white. It it's not very original, so it gets a 1/10.


The game is very poorly executed. It's a boring 2D platformer, with a boring color palet, boring gameplay, and a boring 8-bit loop in the background. It's just... boring... 1/10.


There is in fact a story, but it's not very interesting. Guys dog dies, guy is sad, guy tries to bring dog back to life. For story, I give it a 3/10.

Total Score


Alright. Good luck with your entry!

I mean it has to have a 90s or 80s retro style. Like an Atari game, a VHS tape style, a pixel filter, etc.

Hey, thanks for submitting this game to my game jam!