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This is awesome :0

this game changed my life

Very cool little game, I liked it a lot! I couldn't really properly beat it since it ended up crashing when I beat the grim reaper boss, but I thought it was really fun and well done. 

Aside from a few little balancing or bug fixes here and there (rolling through doors broke some room transitions and I thought the orb enemies were a bit brutal because of their speed), I thought it was super cool and I'd totally play more if you're planning on continuing this! (^^)

changed my life

Fantastic game, haven't finished it 100% but I'm really enjoying it and all the cool art so far ! ^^

My only concern is that I accidentally found a pretty major sequence break where if you don't go back to get the map in the bedroom, you never meet Linda but can still progress the game. It introduces weird dialogue where Linda talks without being in your party and breaks the cutscene where you meet her if you trigger it later, so you can see her twice and it gets a bit confusing if you don't know what's going on. Plus, the first bathroom is only made accessible through that cutscene so it sort of breaks the flow of things.

Other than that, I really do love this game and I think it's super cute and spooky. Super excited to finish it :))

Thank you! ^^

Super cute little game! Had a lot of fun with it, and the extras add a lot ^^

Okay so,

first of all cute game I don't know who any of these people are but I hope Kammy has a good birthday,

but also this is remarkably close to my own friend group, like down to names and appearances and relationship to 5 below and I think we're alternate universe versions of each other so that's terrifying.

anyway take care


Aw, that's sweet! I'm glad you liked it ^^

I really really really liked this, the trans scene kinda made me cry too. Thanks for making this :')

Great little experience, super impressive given the dev time! Like this a ton ^^

What an adorable little game, I'm in love with the visual style and the gameplay! The menu is so cool too, it's not really something I've seen done before. I'd love to see a full-length game in this style someday :)


Really nice little game, hits pretty close to home :>

Super fun game, amazing aesthetic and just really impressive overall. Great work :)

I absolutely love this so far. I'm so invested in the story, I want to see more of it. Thank you for making this :)

Really nice little artsy game, I like it a lot ! ^^

I have no idea what the hell I just played but it was great. I loved that :)

That was amazing.. I love this game :') 

Thank you for making this <3

Neat little creepypasta game, I like it :)

I like this game a lot :))

I like this a lot, I really feel the weird snowing-in-the-middle-of-the-night vibe as someone who lives in Canada :P

Super cool visuals and formatting too, the notepad text is a unique thing I haven`t seen before :)

I don't know what i just played but it was really good (˙▿˙)

whats upworm

I'm such a fan of this game, I really really want to see more. I really love the story and presentation so far, will absolutely keep updated on it if you keep working! :)

This is nice :)

Such a good game! Amazing art, super fun and really nicely paced overall. Really impressive :)

Super great game! Just long enough to be really interesting but not tedious, gorgeous art and really well done music and ambience. Super impressive! ^^

Yeah, that‘s fair. I always just intended on it being a short little project to help people out, especially since it’s my first completed game project, but I see your point. Maybe I’ll try expanding it at some point, but since it took over a month to finish on my own I’m just planning on working on some other things for a bit :)

Thank you ^^

Aa thank you!! I'm really glad it helped you feel a bit better, that's really what I wanted to do most of all :)

Hey, sorry for the late reply... I'm not really sure why that's happening but have you tried putting it in fullscreen with F4? It's not a perfect solution but it might work for now

Aw, I'm glad it helped you a bit :))

Aaa I'm glad you liked it ! ^^

Phenomenally well written game, short and sweet but just long enough to feel like you're experiencing an entire lifetime. Beautiful work.