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no problem I was just talking about the game the other day with a friend 

The Bay in Yellow is first and the second game is Anger Foot. I like the creepy atmosphere and the jumpscare too in 1st game. Anger Foot the fast kicking and shooting game that got some fire music.

The Bay in Yellow is first and the second game is Anger Foot. I like the creepy atmosphere and the jumpscare too. Anger Foot the fast kicking and shooting game that got some fire music.

You know  I play so good I didn't get a jumpscare. Ima have to play it again to see them however for the other games I got'em. 

Part 2 Just Granny & Slendrina cause Grandpa trpin with that shotty for yo body 

PART 1 I like how they add slendria on it 

I beat the game live on Twitch Nea Lea100 and let me just say that Grandpa with Shotty is a mess LoL. I like how hard it is vs all 3. I enjoy it. 
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this game is amazing so the question is when will you guys be done with it ???? im following so I will be peeping into see if ya'll post the next full game up 

Slendrina trying to direct me to her so she can kill me. shout out to the dev on this one. 

1st game is "Nocturnal Visit" and next is "Slide In The Woods" both were creepy. I enjoy both games. 

I played "Nocturnal Visit" 1st, you know sneaking in a serial killer's  house yep i do that lot LoL. The 2nd gameplay is "Slide In The Woods" yep sounds good playing in the dark woods. I enjoy both games. Good creepy games. 

I didnt know SpongeBob would harm his people like that lol good game 

I gotta be in the nuthouse lol. I like the pixel look. That nurse look so creepy though. The psychiatrist voice sounds demonic. I enjoy getting scare from this game. Thanks for the jumpscares. 
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I dont care nobody say that owner of Red Cream Soda is creepy AF and its fault too but I enjoy playing the game it was good. 

The first gameplay is "RUN TO NOWHERE" the 2nd gameplay call "MAKE SURE IT'S CLOSED".  Both games were short and scary. I follow to see more games. I enjoy it. 
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The first gameplay is call 'RUN TO NOWHERE" the second gameplay "MAKE SURE IT'S CLOSED" both games were short, to the point, and creepy. I enjoy playing them both. 

This game got a creepy lil girl that jumpscares you, a dude in the room chillin just watching you with his scary self,  just dark and gloomy yep this my type of game 

I felt like I was playing the original game. This was good. 

So im getting dead bodies huh??  yep my type game lol also I read some comments below and people were saying that the Ai seems to be hovering around the barrel just run far away from them and then hide dont hide so close to where they can see you hide just a tip 

no problem i like the game 

I like this Pixel Type Games. The Creature in the game is really creepy and I didnt know it was going to that. People just play the game its cool. 


This lovestory is so beautiful and the music is fire 

THIS WAS CREEPY. I like how they use picture to jump put at you that was cool. Nice job but I wish it was longer.

That chocolate man. I remember him. I see you got more creepy spnogebob games. I will recommend it to my other friends. 

YO I can't wait to see your other SpongeBob creepy games you got.  I wish this one was longer though. I like how you had to find things and someone was after you. 

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Two things I like in this game its creepy and got an anime babe in it that loves me so much that she wanna kill me.  This is my type of game. 

My friends told me about this game. Im so glad I played this game cause THIS GAME IS SO COOL . I couldnt stop rappin to the game. 

oh snap this is creepy AF. I like it cant wait to play it 

This game was very good. It took a minute to figure things out in the game. This is why I enjoy playing this type of game cause you have to find numbers and certain disks. I like how its a love finding game with a horror. Oh I better stop I dont want to spoil the game for others who haven't played yet. 

oh thats why my bad 

but there's no chat thats what people in the comment area was talking about it flash but you dont see them talking some people actually have them talking in their fanmade games 

I played 3 among us games. Your game is the last part of this video. I like the meeting part but there is no task bar for imposters but its ok. Also I cant kill blue. That part needs to be fix. Like pink never moves from blue they stuck together. Anyways cool game I like it. 

Might wanna fix your game. It does not work. I played 3 fanmade among us game yours is the 2nd part of this video. 

FanMade Among Us. I played 3 of them. The first one needs a voting and meeting. The tasks are at the top but its just a bar with no details. Also I dont understand the defeated part.  The game is still cool though. Keep the good work up.

No problem at all I seen bits and pieces of gameplays of it and that deer part creep me out 

yo no lie this game looks pretty cool creepy xmas game I like it 

yo this game is cool and creepy at the same time I like that 

Man I hope the creator finish this game. I enjoy hiding the body parts. 

Cluck The Chick Coming Through. I cant wait to play the next episode. 

That was creepy AF and that lil drunk part with the dude well just watch.