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Your game is 1st. I enjoy it but I wish it was longer. You guys probably heard that a million times in the comment area. Nice job. I should check out more games you got. 

The story of the guy with mental illness was good. Jumpscares were good. I wanted to let you know the clown glitch out to the point where he just stop chasing me and he was stuck in one spot just laughing but I probably have the old version and not the updated one idk but the game is really good. I have been playing you guys games. I like them and will play the others. 

I like story of the little girls and the doctor. It was hard to run around the zombies but the game was pretty cool. I also get the ps1 style gameplay but it was hard but I enjoy playing this creepy game. 

I enjoy this game. I like being an investigator for the ghost. That was cool and the jump scares were so good in this game. 

I like the retro look of course but this game made me laugh and it was creepy too. I enjoy it. Now I gotta play your other games Im interested now. 

I say it and say it again I enjoy playing you guys creepy cartoon games. Brings back childhood memories but with a scared. 

I cant wait to see it 

I like the dark creepy house. I've played the mobile version but I enjoy playing PC version even more. 

yo this game is pretty good,  ya'll grown so much over the years 

Man ole man this Robot was hard  to dodge but anyway I beat the game. I enjoy playing you guys creepy cartoon games bring back child hood memories. The gameplay is the last one. 

DORA IS DEAD 1st gameplay 2nd gameplay is 3 am at the Krusty Krabs. Is the 3:30 AM at Floater's Cemetery  like a sequel to 3 am at the krusty Krabs or no. Anyway I like how you guys use the hash slinger slasher in this game. 

Dora is Dead was pretty cool I like how you guys put all of the characters in the game. Making into a creepy games. I notice I played a lot you guys games and you devs are getting better and better cause I have play the newer ones too. Well, keep up the good work. 

OOOOh i will try that one then thanks 

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I like how you guys took Super Mario 64 and change it into a horror game. I notice that the menu keeps crashing when I start over and those little corners keep getting me LoL. Also will you guys update the menu screen but anyway the game is  good. I gotta go back and beat this game cause I enjoy playing it. 

there's nothing wrong with mobile game I played it recently its fine 

no prob looking forward to your future games 

yea I like the comic book feel to it 

Game starts at 30:30 time stamps. I like the red and black comic book feel of it. Also "the someone is watching me and knocking at my door late at night" gives a creepy atmosphere. I like it. 

Homer is the first game. I wish there was more to it but I know you devs gotta be careful of copyrights just as much as us. I like the creepy homer part of it but pretty good. 

I will let you and you're welcome 

I enjoy the game just a little lag not too bad. I would play it again with a friend. 

Getting all the secrets cause I wanna know more . Also I wonder if you can save the lamb???
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Whats up well I finally played and I think its suppose to be "fnaf" and "Welcome to the game" type gameplay which is cool. I had to watch another gameplay cause I was so confuse but I will replay again. Cant wait for the full demo to come out. Keep pumping those games out. Good job. 

I stream games that had nudes in it on Twitch and nothing happen but YouTube would block your content or age restrict it. Also you can change your stream on twitch to Rated M that's what I do and you'll be fine. 

1st Spongebob Horror 2.0, 2nd Spongebob Cancelled, and last one is The Nightmares At The Krusty Krab. I will say the game was pretty good but shooting while trying to carry Squidward was little awkward. He block the your view but you guys have updates and I need to try them out. Keep up the good work. 
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"Spongebob Horror 2.0" was the first game, 2nd "Spongebob Cacelled Game", and last one is "The Nightmare At The Krusty Krab". Spongebob got stuck in the corners of the door but you did good with the game. They are all made by different gaming creators so show all of them support you gamers out there. 

The first game is "Spongebob Horror 2.0", 2nd is "spongebob cancelled game", and the last game is "The Nightmares At The Krusty Krab" they are made by differents devs. Show them all support. I also notice there is Spongebob Cancelled Game:  Rehydrated" I need to check that out.  

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I saw the little child and doctor cameo in the other game Crowscare. I'm guessing they are in the same universe but anyway the animation design is pretty good. The story was very interesting. Not bad all. 

yo this dog swole 😲

I like the retro look. I think Andy is in a loop. I like how each person you help or mini game I did, I learn their story. That was neat idea.  I dont want to say too much to spoil the game from others. The 2nd game was Cartoon Cat. I just wish I was able to beat it but he teleporting to the other door so I just gave up but anyway I like the Betty Boop Grampy's House Song it went nice with the game. Both games were good. Im looking forward to some more games in the future from you guys. 

Man I bought 2 of you guys games and man Im too scared to play him. 😂

you're welcome

I wonder where my homegirl Amber at?? This game gave me Silent Hill vibes. IDK maybe its just me. Its pretty interesting. 

Can I just say, I lost my homie Bonez and Granny in the same year. This game lets my mind rest easy to know that my mom, my best friend and Granny are resting in peace. I enjoy playing the game. Thanks 4 making it. 

no prob 👍

What a wonderful way to say "check on your family members or friend" cause you never know what they are going through. 

For people who actually take their time and make a good storymode game and its free too, is amazing. I like the main character in the story. I also like how you guys trick me into thinking man I dont wanna spoil it and the ending is something you guys gotta play to see or watch (very good ending). Games like this are hands down the best on To the devs you guys did an awesome job. 

I try to tell my gaming friends that 2d rpg games have the best storymode games hands down. I was able to get 2 bad endings. I gotta figure out how to get a good ending. Other then that thank you for making a very great game. The devs really took their time making this game. I enjoy the characters in this story. I cant wait to play your next game.

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I will say this, when I look for games on I always find games like this that have a good story to it. You can tell the creator really went all in the story. Normally I would find things wrong but I didnt. I also like the fact its not a short gameplay. Its a long gameplay. Those are games I look for mostly on I enjoy playing this.