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Its the first gameplay. This was good but the ending left me thinking like there was more to it. I dont know if I had a nightmare or was that all in my mind. I dont know but thanks for making this game.
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Its the 2nd game. Very Interesting game I will be going back to it finish it I got lost a little on one of the mini games within the game. I like the PS1 style game its like when they give you a demo at the Gamestop store and you play all the games thats cool though. I hope I can make it the 24th day of Xmas.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and keep making cool games 

I like the dark creepy atmosphere. I just wish the flashlight's light was a lil brighter but I get it you wanted the game to be dark as possible but it was just hard for me to see with my bad eyes. It was hard to walk around some of the objects but it wasn't bad it was pretty good good game. Its the last gameplay 20:24 timestamp

 Its the 2nd gameplay timestamp 11:30 I was wondering how I get the other endings I guess I will have to play again. Also cant believe those lil jump scares got me 🤦🏾‍♀️ but anyway good story to the game. I think I might know who's Santy is 🤔

Bruh this game is hiliarous. I enjoy every bad part about it. Nice job. Its the first game after the clips and intro 1:20 its the start time for the game 

Its the 2nd gameplay. The was good with some minor issues. I wish their was a flashlight cause it was hard for me to see. The jumpscares were pretty good some more than others. The dialogue was ok but the character wasnt really scared of the creatures until the end of the game but I enjoy it but I would like to play more of your games in the future.

I played this game a while back before the July 2023 update so my video might look different and I believe the music have change. The reason it took me too long to update cause I edit a lot of video and this the perfect time to upload it. 

This game is getting harder and harder but I enjoy playing it. I also notice people are saying there was lag issue. I didn't see that all. It ran smooth and I download this game last year so maybe it might be the newer version. The only issue I had was that Patrick just appear over me with a warning sometimes but other than that the game was fun. 

Boss Battle Time 

Game got harder to play but Im up for the challenge 

I enjoy playing this game 

8th gameplay 1:56:44 I like the chat a different way to play a horror game impress so I will play more of the other games you guys have even the non horror ones. 

7th gameplay 1:40:19 bruh why is this person jogging at night with smh but anyway short and simple and straight to the jumpscare. Now I know why you dont help babies at nightime.

6th gameplay 1:26:57 this baby will do anything to get his diapers this is a good game to kill time I like the shooting in the game lol 

1:09:33 5th gameplay man I really wanted to finsih my laundry in the game but that didnt happen lol

4th gameplay 57:44 I like the fact I play as freddy thats cool 

3rd gameplay 49:28 If this game was suppose to make me feel digusting then you guys did a good job at that. Pretty cool game. 

Its the 2nd gameplay 31:10 I like the creepy PS1 style game and it felt like I was on a bike too cause how the buttons are which makes more realistic.

With a Blank of an Eye the Game was short but you probably heard that a 1,000 times but good very short game. 

The first game I played out of noodles 37:44 is the timestamp I played it cause I wanted to see the cat suit part. I like how you have to read that creepy bedtime story to the evil baby. Its like a cute creepy horror game. 
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I played 3 games "The Pizza" game is at the end 2:18:26 is the timestamp. I believe you have 2 other games thats tied in to this game storyline so Ima have to play those two games too so I can understand them but anyway good job. 

Creepy, retro atmosphere, like playing as the cop, and the main character of course. I like going to the different stores and meeting this gaming characters. I also like playing the mini games and reading the comic books within a game. Yep this was my type of horror game. I will be looking for more games from you guys. 

I'm so ready for this game to come out. It gives me Sesame Street or The Muppets Horror Game Vibe.

I cant wait to play this again with the Xmas theme on it. Very scary game. I enjoy every bit of it. 

Child Im done with Amanda after this video cause that Jumpscare wasnt fair at all 😩but I enjoy the game. I hope you guys make some more cool games in the future. 

Man Amanda killin me with the jumpscares and the puzzles

No lie I saw other youtubers playing this Dead Space Remake game and I was like I gotta try this game its looks fire

Thanks for watching I sub to you as well. I like your content on YouTube.

I like how this game is going. Its on my wishlist for Steam. Im excited to play the full game. 

yo I added this game to my list im so playing this when I get the time. It looks creepy as hell. 

I really enjoy you guys games. I be trying to tell others who like horror games like me to come and play your games. 

I enjoy this game. Giving me that 80s or 90s vibe of creepy Christmas trees hiding and they jump out at you. I also like the puzzles in the game. 


Timestamps are on my channel but its 53:00. The 4th game and I enjoy this game. I like the updates on this game. I'm already following you guys to see what else happens in the story.

Timestamps are on my channel but its the 3rd game. The part where you running around for the candy canes, it just wish there was so more creepiest in the chase. That was the weakest part of the game but other than that the ending took me by surprise. Good job. 

Timestamps is on my channel its the 2nd gameplay. I'm not sure if this a game jam but I wish it was longer. 

The first gameplay is Thirstiest Time Of The Year. I glitch in the door but other than that its a funny horror Christmas game to play. 
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So this a crazy, cult worshipping, turn into zombies, and I gotta shoot my way outta type of game. Yep this my type of game.