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I have the same issue. Stuck in the cave, read every dialogue, made a hand print, and read the magazine in full several times, including in the room where the whiskey is. But nothing happens.

I absolutely loved the game so far, even though I had to restart it several times because of bugs. But this time, even restarting isn’t helping :’(

Any idea how to get unstuck? I would love to experience the game in full :D

Hey, thanks for commenting :) Yes that makes a lot of sense! Something to implement in a next version… In the meantime, feel free to invent some if you play!

Hi, thanks for your comment! If you don’t have any other fitting clips under hand, they are a quick way to complete a programme and gain some time. The game does need some more testing to be balanced, so if you try playing and realise that loops don’t make that much sense, please let me know :)

Thank you so much for the Linux version! I was waiting for something like this to play the new gardening mode, plus I will finally be able to share the game with my family :)

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This is really good news! Thanks for doing this :)