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What a great game! The style of art and music gives me Shovel Knight vibes in a good way.

Its a fun game! Its like having the power to do instant save scumming. Speedruns of this would be really fun to watch with how fast you can go.

A fun puzzle storytelling game. Definitely reminded me of procrastinating with the dead ends.

Great theme! I had no idea how close I was to failure though. I also appreciate how the ingredients were always listed in order. Why don't more people order cheeseburgers? Half joking.

Interesting how you are playing as your own opponent, and destroying your own units is actually how you survive. The numbers on the grid were hard to read since they overlap the characters but the first two levels were easy enough to win by filling squares randomly. Sound effects for placing units would be nice, but the highlighting on the checkboard works really well for user feedback so its fine without it.

Excellent, it was fun and simple to play. The white corners of the cards could be transparent to look a little more like actual cards. The music was a good choice for being hypnotic.

What a cool concept! There might be a bug with the level generation, sometimes the ground is too low to be seen except for a sliver of gray. The music and tone is cheerful though and the game is short enough not to linger on the bug.

Groovy! This game has fun atmosphere and gameplay.

This is a fun game! The music is a jam to listen to and the controls are smooth. Having some indicator about how close I am to winning would be nice, since I cannot tell if it is endless or if I just gave up to early.

Nice job with the game design, sound effects, and animation! Its satisfying cleaning everything up, and it was difficult enough that I didn't get it all the first day which feels fair. The edge cases get cleaned up by each day cycle too which is nice.

A couple details I would be interested in seeing in the future:

Trash Bag Weight: Does the trash bag's fullness do anything, except limiting how much it can hold? I seemed to always run at full speed even when carrying something, and I would have more incentive to throw trash bags all the time if it helped me run faster. Then if there were more places to dump trash, I could aim at those places too if that is something you want to do with your game design.

Less Broom Teleportation: I can drop a broom on the other side of a wall, then not be able to pick it up without walking around the wall, which was kind of funny.

Infinite Doorway: Lastly, the front entrance does not have an invisible wall, so you can throw trash bags to fly off-screen, or drop your broom out of reach, which fixes itself on the next day's reset. This could also turn into a feature if you want to add windows to throw trash bags outside of the building in different ways.

As a programmer I like the premise, and the programming seems really robust for displaying the correct console output for wrong answers. The music fits in well to with that zen feel, and I got stuck at level 3, but it was fun none the less.

The theme is really clean and I enjoy the writing from the perspective of the arcade kid.

Good job conveying a monotonous feeling with the soundtrack, and having the employees be vegetables was a clever choice. At first I thought "the plants are dying" was very serious because everyone is a plant.

Having the CEO event helped me find the water coolers, because at the beginning I did not understand why the fridge and food station only helped hunger, so I like the level layout.

I still don't know how to end the day without passing out though.

Great job! The music, sound effects, and space loop theme fit really well together. I also thought the gameplay was intuitive after the first game over, since I could see the power meter dropping as I used it, and the targets stood out well from the background.

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Great job! The game is fun and has nice minimalistic graphics, and seeing your clones help you fight was entertaining. In general it seems like an easy game since you get unlimited lives.

Possible Bug: I was able to run out of lives by crashing my ship directly into the enemy 2-7 times, and I respawned without a ship to control, as seen below. I was playing on a Google Chrome browser.