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Any chance for macOS version. I like this game on screen and movies. Looks so nice.

Please add version for macOS. Thanks a lot.

I don`t know if this is handy but maybye you can find somethink in manual. If you compile another build let me know and I can test it. Good luck and all the best for you.

Still not working. Main app A tale of Sap in MacOS folder is a document. But this file need to be a executable unix file. Hope so you understand. Here is a screen with file structure.

No problem. Hope so you can fix this issue. If you want you can send me fresh buuild to test. I have few mac with intel and Apple silicon is well. Good luck with the game. looks so nice.

Hello. I want to check your game but is no mac app inside zip file. Just windows exe.

it is arm64 version for apple m1 onthe app store. Anyway author nned to update this download section. This game come from 2015.

Any chance to realese for macOS version ? This looks like Ori ;)

Thanks guys. I wrote to superhot team is well. Hope so they will update it soon.

Please update macOS to 64bit. 32 bit is not suported from last few good years. Now all macs will going to arm64.

Thank you for reply and all the best for you and all people from your country. Hope so this will end soon.

Thank you for reply an all the best with Mac port.

Hello. MacOS version didnt work. Please upload n version of game.

macOS version don't working. Is wrong compile main app.

100% agree

Any chance for macOS arm64 version ? Thank you so much for answer.

Any chance to update game for intel64 bit ro arm64 ?? Thank you so much.

Hi. How to change resolution of screen ?? This game running 5k on mac and is lagging. I found config file but there is no settings for change resolution.

Hello. Any chance to relese this game for macOS ?? Thank you for reply.