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This is actually the original version before the game was developed and released as a proper game.

Could you add a downloadable version, and possibly even source code? It would be fun to mod.

I’d say somewhere in between, in the area that I think it deserves a minor nerf, my suggestion would be that you can’t dash in place with it, which would require some more movement and not be as spammy.

With hel's favor you can permanently stunlock all enemies, and the only enemies that can outrange you are wizards.

It does work well on the executable version

The reason it's useful is because of quad barrel

Good game but could you add the ability to customize the pronouns of your familiar?

Makes sense, I wasn't aware of the search.

I got softlocked by being teleported into a room with no exit, could you either make sure all rooms have exits or make it so teleportation traps only teleport into the main "net" of passages?

I also found this exploit, could be fixed by making the reroll change your cards instead of giving you a new hand, a.k.a only giving you the amount of cards you have. Fun to use though.