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The game is sexy, entertaining and fun. The artstyle is cute and very likeable. There are still some typos but that's not really an issue. I really enjoyed the demo and totally agree that this game looks very promising. 

The only issue I personally have is the very pixelated look. Like I said, the artstyle in general is very charming and enjoyable, it's just those super pixelated lines that kinda hurt the eye. I don't know if this is an artistic decision or has technical reasons but I feel a bit sad for the otherwise gorgeous artstyle.

Robin Morningwood Adventure (sadly) also has these pixelated lines but thankfully a bit less extreme.

Clear sharp (unpixelated) lines are sexy! And they would suit the toony and charming artstyle of your games so much better imo.

After checking the FAQ (should have done that before^^) I found that:

5 - I missed the Kickstarter campaign but I absolutely want Beryllus, the exclusive character of the game!

Don’t worry, Beryllus will probably be available as a DLC ;)

So it seems we will get a chance to meet Beryllus. :)

For the Lumberjack minigame, instead of clicking you can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard. So just press left and right arrow key at the same time for the double axe.

Btw this is actually explained when starting the mini game. ;)

I just played through the latest demo and I loved it. You guys did an awesome job. The game is very entertaining, super sexy and hot and just so much fun to play.

I'm looking forward to the full version and will buy it asap once it's released.

For those of us, who were too late to the party and missed the Kickstarter campaign, are you planning to release an additional 100% version of the game (including the Kickstarter exclusive content)? Of course this version should be more expensive to make up for what the Kickstarter supporters payed but I would buy it in a heartbeat.

Love this game so much and would be very happy if you consider offering such a sort of a more expensive deluxe version, so even those (like me) who missed the Kickstarter campaign get a chance to meet the horny Gladiator Beryllus. ;)

Thank you very much, that works perfectly fine.

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Well you're right, I have to admit I didn't think about the resulting differences in difficulty. Probably I was just annoyed by that bad ass nymph that managed to win so many fights against my "not into woman MC" with her teasing. xD  I wish she had a sexy brother  that could supersede her from time to time. ;)

That was really fun and the art is gorgeous. Is there a way to hide the text box? I'd love to take a screenshot without it.

There's something that crossed my mind for a while and I feel the need to share it. xD

My MC's sexual orientation is homosexual and he's male. Nevertheless he is susceptible to the teasing of the nymph and the female bandit. That always made me kinda wonder. Beeing gay, shouldn't he actually be immune to any sort of teasing from female enemies? Like:

male + homosexual = immune to female enemies' teasing
female + homosexual = immune to male enemies' teasing
male + heterosexual = immune to male enemies' teasing
female + heterosexual = immune to female enemies' teasing
male/ female + bisexual = susceptible to all enemies' teasing

I think it would be pretty awesome if the sexual orientation would have a meaning/ function in that regard. It also has the potential to allow for some funny, insulting or pertly responses/ reactions from the MC.

Since the default starting sexual orientation is bisexual and the player actually has to work towards making it switch to the prefered orientation, it would also feel kinda rewarding and even more immersive.

Wow, this game is fantastic. It's really noticeable that a lot of love and effort has been put into it. The naughty text descriptions are very well formulated and super hawt (literally making me horny ;)) .

All these lovely hidden details like the different outcome when encountering the caravan guards more often and pleasing them + raising ur bitch fame are amazing. I really love that super sexy male Bandit so I submitted a lot to him and increased my Bandit affection to 100.  Now I don't even have to fight him anymore. Instead when meeting him while looking for herbs, he's happily coming straight to the point and just wants me to get on my knees to please him (Oh I love beeing  a bandit's bitch xD).

The artwork is simply gorgous. Bernard, the Blacksmith and the male Bandit turned out super hot (Kudos to the artist). I really love that Bernard has more than 1 artwork so that it's possible to actually strip him and get him hard (that feels so rewarding). I hope the male Bandit will get a similar treatment...I'd really love to see his pecker in full glory one day and not to forget his mate the 2nd male Bandit ;)

I think the Lumberjack deserves some naughty attention as well ;)...I'm curious to see if he will get some interesting sexy scenes in the future and I really hope for it. (though he seems to be a very hard nut to crack)

Although this game still is a WIP it already got me totally hooked. What you've done so far is absolutely amazing and I can't wait to see how this naughty adventure goes on and what you're going to add in the future. Of course I'm also hoping for more of that sexy and gorgeous art to go along with your superb writing.

I happily will become your patron in a few days and I'm really looking forward to a naughty time in the bandit camp ;)

Kudos to you!