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Hero <3 can't wait!

Sounds great! please keep me updated, if you want me to do some testing on OS 10.12 i'm up too!

Yes it's 64-bit, Logic Pro X 10.4.2 (latest possibile upgrade on  macOS Sierra); It still shows as [uncompatible] in the AU instruments list

Hi @Nimble Tools, any news about this? still showing as uncompatible, pretty annoying now since everytime i open Logic i have to check continue anyway before loading up the projects; You've mentioned wrappers in some other posts, maybe we can find a temporary solution for this?

No, that doesn't work either; i can make both show as [uncompatible] in the list (and they both works good) but every time logic opens it shows an annoying alert message.

@Nimble Tools still not working with the version 1.0.2 :(  any news?

Hi! Yes, i'm working on a 2012 non retina MacBook Pro, so both the OS and Logic are not the latest versions; unfortunately i cannot update Logic anymore due to the OS; btw the AU version running on Ableton Live (not the latest verison either) works fine!

Hello! i have problems using my plugin in Logic Pro X  10.4.2 on OSX Sierra

getting the following message when trying to validate from the plugins panel:


FATAL ERROR: OpenAComponent: result: -1,0xFFFFFFFF

validation result: couldn’t be opened


AU version in Ableton Live 10 works correctly.

Anyone having the same problem?