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The game gives you so much to the point where I am looking forward to it's full release and would like to see where the rest of the game takes us, be sure to check it - 

THIS GAVE ME THE CHILLS...  AND A LAUGH! Very good short horror  game if you wanna get spooked, good story to it in the end too! - 

This game gave me the chills and definitely remind me of silent hill - it's always fun watching everything happen around you and there is nothing you can do but watch! Be sure to check it out - 

Loved this game, was very creepy all the way through and gave me goose pumps - 

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This game was pretty short, but definitely gave me the creeps. Very well done, would love to see this progress further each night maybe if a bigger game was made! - 

Let me tell you something, this game really got me the entire way through, the story was very good too and boy was I not expecting the ending! Real good job!