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hey i have check it here, re-download the game in newest version probably the image file are corrupted because the names and definitions are ok, can be uncompatibility too, the thing is the file exist and are in itchio version

can you say me which type of bugs you are get? I fix all reportings and xenoskar never gives much problem

you get  errors in xenoskar?

yes demo get one update, with voices fixes now, are fully voiced

wtf i love it? dude you art is good.... and wow

i share the money and game dont find the label

hey i buy the summer bundle and wow, good games, i finish this now, hope you finish inccubus game pretty soon too, some thing i will alert you, this game are perfect, spoiler: i think that end are pretty sad... and that cop are a hotty, well... i'll love more parts of more this greatest story, i think i found a bug on your gallery code (i program on renpy too), i literally try every choice on Max and Tyler route and the game don't unlocks his gallery's image, specific, just lasts scenes of the guys are unlocked when i finish to play with the 4 perfect endings, i have to replay them make 1 wrong choice to unlock the rest, but Maz BJ and and player BJ to tyler are bugged on galleries, could be a good release a patch note, i love the simplicity of this game and the fact the guys are pretty loveable, even max i think are not my type are one who i like most, good work making this history and game on general, and question... are you accepting translations? (even fan-translations) for you 2 complete games? i would like to help with this if you want, in brazilian portuguese if you are interested, and yep are like spanish but not the same thing. the incubbus academy are one of my favs too, but if you have interest could be better make this test on small games first? and for me are better when you restart to work with the, i see you are on Hiatus, lost the files and every situation well the translation thing it’s an offer, I wouldn’t be upset if you didn’t accept it, I totally understand it, and I wouldn’t throw a tantrum or stop follow your work just for that, don’t worry when replying me.

hi, i am new and love you game! He is very long, and I kind of got tired. but i love the fact that he is good programmed, and that every detail matters! well I wanted to know if I could give you my step by step, I have adam (my god as he is difficult and good that you gave the tips) Carlos, and James... the others were not the most interesting and i dont make his routes, in my case this means that it would be an mc isolated because it focuses much more on character X and its certain answers guaranteeing a good ending. I'm asking you because I did not find anywhere a step by step (I know the others are easy (like having 60 of interest or friendship), just adam that is a shit fot get, but at least will have one)