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Recently played your game.  for 2 days work it felt impressive, but for the final copy of the game, I thought you could consider some things to tweak for the final product. Give it a look and see for yourself :D

I'd love to see the final game when its ready ! keep me in the loop and best of luck to you guys :D

played this game and I now have another reason to hate Mondays XD 

I liked the concept and the game felt pretty good, scary at times but interesting :D

a good aesthetic and a smart use of simple mechanics to make a horror game


I checked out your game. I found it interesting and fun  to play. For a demo it felt very complete and very fluid

I had some small details about fixes you could look into, small interactions with the menu options, some of the controls and weapon swapping during game play were tricky

Keep at it and I hope you enjoy my trips and fails in the video :D

have a great day!