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Naughty Underworld

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You can buy them in the item shop in Lumis

Are you asking that as a question or making a statement?

You can continue to support on  subscribestar ^^

Ive not heard of Boosty before - I'll look into it

Are you definitely extracting the game with winrar?

Copy and paste the save folder in  the www folder to the same location in the new build folder

The nobleman questline in the   inn   in the Noble  District

Copy and paste the save folder from the old version (inside kingdom-of-subversion/www)

I  had to reupload the build due to a bug, but it should be good now!

Due to bugs  it won't be released.

Yep Witchking is the artist for the project!

No there won't be any pregnancy in the game .

Yep, you just have to manually copy and paste them.

Unfortunately never! Sorry!

Hmm I haven't been informed of this. Any link to these changes? Also you caqn always support the game on Patreon:

Hmm. This is related to the video player issue I  believe . If you try removing the video from the game folder it should work.

There's a setting in the options menu

It is a known issue that seems to affect random users. I recommend turning the animations off until it can be fixed.

This is the second nobleman quest - go to the inn in the Noble District and speak to the nobleman there

The wardrobe in Gob's house.

Not sure what the issue, maybe contact itch.

Every 2 months without fail :) Next build is out end of March.  I am glad you are enjoying the game and thank you for your words! We are always looking to improve the project and fix those pesky bugs!

Go inside the "www" folder, you'll see a "save" folder. Copy this folder into the new build "www" folder. 

Yep, eventually there will be group scenes

Thank you!

Have you extracted the game with winrar after downloading it?

No you pay for that specific build only, think of it like supporting the project.  You can alternatively support over on the patreon though!

It does you just have to manually copy & paste it

You purchase from this siter or you can subscribe to the patreon and get it that way ^^

Hmm I don't think so, as long as it's the extracted .exe and not one in the winrar file you should be fine. The game saves alright and everything else? Just that power doesn't work?

Just to clarify, you are extracting the game first before running it?

Not yet.

Hey thanks for the kind words! Your first question is answered by the second in the sense that the dimension hop is used to access some of the less obvious to reach places. Unfortunately it does sound like the ability has bugged for you though. Would you mind stating what you are playing the game on? And any other info you think might be useful! ^^

Try speaking to Morati again in the celll.

Are you sure it's exactly the same error?

Are you using save from 0.11 or prior? Vulsha wasn't added as a battler until then, so older saves (might even be from 0.10) have this glitch unfortunately. Not sure there is a way to resolve short of a new game. 

Also yes we have a discord server:

Sorry for the delay! I'm in discussions with itch at the moment about increasing my upload limit as people are having issues with the external hosted site. Hope to get this resolved soon!

It should trigger in the Trade District, the day after you complete Marina's (librarian) questline.

Not sure why that is, it's just hosted on Link works for me too, perhaps your ISP is restricting access to

It's not a quest, just a daily event you can use to raise the corruption of the city.