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Naughty Underworld

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Go to www/js/plugins and open KhasAdvancedLighting.js in notepad++ / other text editor. Select all, delete everything and save. You'll be able to play the game, but you won't experience the night / day lighting cycles.

It's in a 7zip compressed folder, you'll need to instal 7zip to unzip it.

Have you extratced the game using the software, 7zip?

Can I have more info than that please? :) What happens exactly? Error? Window popup then closes?

Yes, at the end of May (1 month later) as always ^^

No it's a brand new engine so saves aren't transferable unfortunately. 

I haven't tried installing the game from the launcher, so not sure what the issue there is unfortunately. I'll try and take a look.


Unfortunately because of the game is built, it won't work on joiplay. However I'm hoping at looking into an android build as soon as possible (possibly even next month!)

Sorry, I'm a big boobs fan for hentai games! ^^ That said there are some characters planned in the future with smaller bust sizes (such as the faerie on Yennay's quest, Morati's sister & the item shop keeper). Hopefully we can get to them soon! :)

Yeah the 10 minute wait thing is pretty standard for new accounts. There's nothing special in the discord that would stop people posting, so might be a discord issue?

0.10 is coming out at the end of the month, glad you are enjoying the game! The other 2 are in the Noble District, first in the library, bottom right corner of the Noble District (there's a sparkly interactable inside) & the other is the Grand Temple. Keep walking straight up when you arrive in the Noble District. You'll have to wait until night to gain access to them. 

As for the Aewen issue, you may have already progressed passed needing to talk to her, in which case I'd suggest staying at the inn again, and that should move you along.

Doing fine thanks! Game is going well...? I hope! XD Feels like we're always making progress, massive restucture for the general rpg side of things and hope that goes down well!

If you've done the missions for each character then you've done all the content so far :)


In order to help I need more information. Can you give me some of the details of the error? Have you have unzipped the game using 7zip?

12213 ^^

You talk to the person you want to use the power on (in the powers section, select Pleasure Craving). Make sure you have a room at the inn (Lumia) and then go there at night and it should trigger.

I recommend checking out the quest log in the main menu.

Aewen - Just keeping visiting her at night / staying in the inn.

Marina - Requires you to explore some dungeons on the main world map.

Yes, copy the save file located in www/save in your previous folder to the new one.

There is no need for lockpicks anymore.

There's currently a bug where if you skip the intro you don't get the necessary craft list, I'll be looking into a fix for that soon.

The public build released today and next paid / patreon build is scheduled for the end of next month :) If you want to continuously support us, patreon would be great: Thank you so much for considering it!

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The work bench by Gob ^^ ^^

You pay for early access to that build specifically ^^ It's kind of like an alternative way to support rather than patreon. Since the project relies on the continuation of support unfortunately we have to do things this way until the game is near ready for release! ^^ 

Here or on the discord is fine! :)

It's in the www/save folder :)

You need to have completed Mary's quest first, after that go to Mary's small temple in the Trade District and you should see the two of them talking, this starts Lucille's quest :)

You just need to copy and paste the save from your previous version to the www/saves folder :)

7zip to unpack the game and then just run the .exe

Also I'm not sure what you mean by this??

0.9 will be dropping for backers at the end of the month. And then will be free at the end of next month.

There's a sewer grate in North East part, use that ^^

It already has! XD

Have you completed Mary's questline?  If so go to the small church (in the Trade District) and you'll see her talking there.

The correct answer is: 12213
TheGodSoulReaper is almost correct, no orb is also ignore.

The lockpicks are going to be removed in a later version. Getting passed lock doors is only done with the Ethereal power now ^^ I believe that bug has been fixed in the latest version of the game.

Yep, every other month a new free version drops :) The current one will be released next week!

What do you mean? Reduce the screen resolution? Welcome! ^^