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that's a good name!

My favorite meaning is Collaboration! I will use this.

I think the first meaning of this word is: fusion.

Could it mean collaboration? Or is it incorrect?

Game is very well manufactured! Awesome graphics and polished design. Love the variety of characters, that have unique abilities.

For sure one of the best entries of the CGA Jam.

Good idea, well executed, too little time to think.

I really enjoyed funny graphics and the animation of Newton!

Anyway I think the game is a bit too easy. Avoiding bad apples it's not hard and there's no time limit between one carch and another.

There is a dark magenta that there should not be. You could obtain a dark magenta  combining magenta and black pixels on a grid.

The gameplay is surprisingly tactical! Despite I haven't figure out  how to use formation to my advantage, I feel like a conscious use of formations makes the difference in some way. I can't go any further to level 4.

Excellent sound and graphics.

Very nice graphics and 8-bit alike sound fx! DMS is one of the best-looking game of the jam. I only feel the lack of a wild west theme music in the background.  Anyway I think gameplay is a bit repetitive and easy,  you get bored very soon. Note: player moves a bit too fast IMHO. 

Really good work here! I love game mechanics!  Every game I feel enticed to play again to improve myself.

Good aesthetics and nice gfx, too. Music and sfx do their job well. My best score is 15 so far.

Excellent game! Very polish and well designed.

Love  dialogues, graphics and animations! :D

The game is really fun, too!

Awesome game!  I love how the game looks like a fake 3D game in real 3D! :D

Graphics are perfect and the game really fun to play.

Perfect graphics for me.  You can't do better with only 4 colors. Overlying HUD blends perfectly with the rest of the graphics. Love the big font too.

Gameplay is really hard and sometimes I fell I need a wider field of vision. Sometimes passages are too tight.

A really nice entry for CGAJam! :D

Good game.  Very satisfying to play. Love killing all the enemies and trying to grab all the loot.

The recoil system to jump is very useful in more than one occasion.

What I don't like : weapon recharge is too slow!