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Thank you so greatly for your reply and for your walk-through! After configuring the extra memory it worked great! I knew it was a mem issue of some sort but couldn't figure out where in the context menus / VICE documentation how I could "upgrade" it. Thank you for taking the time to explain, along with sharing the proper syntax to launch the game from disk image. I just got it working now and I'm excited to play the game. It looks very creative and clever and I thought it was cool when I first saw it not simply because of its vintage nature but it just looks like a very cool and interesting game. I was born right at the end of the 8-bit era but we didn't get our first computer until win95/32-bit era--have recently become fascinated by the 8-bit machines and the history of computing. Thank you for all of your hard work and really looking forwards to playing your creation. Wishing you the best and thank you again!

I'm trying to load via tape in VICE 3.1 but get a memory error as Pentagorat is found and tries to load:

    "VICE CPU JAM! Main CPU: JAM at $3267"

Any idea why this is happening? I never owned a VIC20 so I've just been learning as I go here. I tried to mount it as a cartridge as well but when I load the cartridge and do a soft reset nothing happens. I've also tried loading it from the cartridge via "LOAD "*", 8" but nothing happens here as well.

I did get the game to load on another emulator that was Java based, but my keyboard device (standard apple keyboard) didn't seem to be recognized during game play, and I didn't see any settings in the emulator to fix it.

I saw this game on an episode of the 8-bit Guy on YouTube and was intrigued. I'd love to play this game if I can get it to work! Any idea why my attempts to load the game via the tape deck in VICE doesn't work?

Thank you for reading!