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Natural Aura

A member registered Aug 19, 2018

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I'm genuinely surprised to see how much time and effort went into making this game.  The more I play it the more intriguing it becomes to play and in addition you actually have to pay a little attention to your actions... and no I don't mean the puzzles nor "the sexy bit at the end".  I mean to think about the choices you make, it may not matter in every choice, however some choices you make actually have an impact on your game.

I'd agree with BuPa, 8.5/10.  Just needs a bit of polishing with some of them mechanics and maybe some additional features.

I can appreciate small works like this one.  So small, I wouldn't even consider it a game. But for what little there is, it shows your devotion towards your work, and the type of games you enjoy to make!  I can respect that. ^w^

(Also, I do enjoy the music and the art style of the game.)

There may not be much, but I really like what we got!  Keep up the great work! ^^