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The best "dream emulator" type game I've played in a long time.

This is a truly great game so far.

Why does this game use the same map as Callout?

I just thought I'd let you know, I found a duplication glitch.
(it happens at 20:30, and I explain it properly at 32:36)

Good atmosphere, although the ending doesn't make much sense, not that I could do better.

Great atmosphere and really interesting graphics:

My playthrough (starts at 16:08):

Really great atmosphere:

My Playthough (Part 2):

My playthrough (Starts at 30:03)

My Playthrough:

My Playthrough (Starts at 38:28):

My Playthrough:

Me playing the demo, I really enjoyed it and intend to play it again:

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Great game! It could have been an hour long and I still would have enjoyed it.
My Playthough (starts at 14:24):

My Playthrough:

You're Welcome :)

My Playthough (Starts at 15:04):

My Playthrough:

My only wish is that this game was longer (and that I could actually read myself writing this comment)
Here's the link to my playthrough:

One Flaw: Not Long Enough:

A very interesting and enjoyable demo, I look forward to the full game.

Very atmospheric, I love these VHS style games

Very difficult to do what the title says, but a great game nevertheless...

Very nice.

Good in concept:

Scared the hell (amongst other substances) out of me...

My Playthrough (It gets really choppy towards the end, but I did it live so it can't be helped):

I'm enjoying this very much so far.

(I'll post future videos in the replies to this comment)

As someone who enjoys smashing simulated vases, I enjoyed this game very much.

A very strange, yet enjoyable, experience.


A wonderful game, in a horrifying kind of way...

(And I will certainly play the other 'Davy's Dreams' games at some point)

My playthrough:

A lovely little game!

My playthrough (I'm a bit dense at the beginning, as I didn't really get it at first, so sorry about that):

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I really enjoyed this, and I'm looking forward to the next one.

Here's my playthrough (sorry about the crap audio, I'll use a better mic next time):

I got 'a bit' stuck at the end, but this is a really interesting game.

I didn't actually finish it coz' I'm pretty bad at shooter games (especially if you can't save), but I like the tone, and I'll probably play more at some point.

(I start playing it at 23:42)

I sense inspiration from Fantastic Planet.

(I start playing it at 13:23)

Creepy YouTube videos, but on the telly, in a game. Genious!

(it's the first one I play in this video)

One of the best games I've played recently.

And it's weird, which is even better...

My gameplay:

This is such a good game. The sound design is really subtle but works incredibly well.

Here's my gameplay:

There are a few flaws, but the game has an undeniable atmosphere.

I start playing it at 16:42.