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Thanks!  I'm working on getting a build with sounds onto my page but FMOD is not playing nicely with my Unity build!

Hey SANSTHEPUNNY a bunch of changes have gone in since your report.  Is it still happening now?  I wanna fix that bug whatever it is.

Awesome attitude!

let us celebrate with the adding of chocolate to milk!

Hope you enjoy the rest of the levels :)

Ok I was *not* able to reproduce it on demand after trying about 20 times but I made a change that I hope will prevent it from happening.  If you (or anyone else!) sees a level restart after you've successfully reached the exit please let me know and I'll keep investigating.

I've encountered that too!  Trying to track down why but it never happens while I'm debugging :/

Will post a fix when I track it down. 

Thanks for playing!

Thanks very much!

This looks beautiful.  Animations are super smooth and the trailer makes it look as though there's a cohesive theme throughout.

Amazing work!

I was on steam and found this and thought "that art looks familiar..."  pretty cool!

Hey, Sansthepunny,

I can't seem to get it to happen on my PC.  Does it happen consistently for you or do you need to do anything specific? I'm using chrome, which browser do you use?  If you don't use chrome then do you still get the problem in chrome?


Weird!  I'll see if I can reproduce it. Thanks for trying it out. 

Rad background - I used it in my game:

Thanks for the effort!

Awesome tool.  I used it to make the characters for my game:

Thanks for your effort!