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Nathan Sghettios

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I'm just being honest. I went crazy with the waffles.

It was a fun game but I wish there was something more. That being said, I had fun with it!

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My first thoughts were about how cool the game was! The noises were super creepy and the atmosphere was great. However, I couldn't complete the game because every time I went to the bridge, the objective marker never registered I was there.I was never prompted to do anything.

This was actually kind of hilarious. Thank you for making this! 

I liked this game! It was fun to play, and super stressful just like real parallel parking!!! The only issue I had was that the night level seemed to be broken? I could never get the final park to trigger. (starts at around 7:41 if you want to see for yourself)

I won't lie. I liked this game a lot! I would have made some small changes towards the final stretch, but otherwise, I had a ton of fun playing it!

This game was cute! I did have a few issues sometimes with reading certain text. Maybe it was just me. I exaggerated a lot but I definitely felt like this could have been a secret horror game at the end (I think I got to level 4 or 5 before stopping). 

Loved it! I hope you get to make a full version, MMBN was my life as a kid!