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I think the concept was very good. Great use of the theme in general. My fingers got incredibly tired while playing. Procedural-generation of levels is a great addition, but sometimes they took time to display and run, which could be a downfall for users. Overall, great game!

I think that the game concept is there, but one thing to consider is scope. In 24 hours, you will not be able to make a full title game. Think small and get a small thing working first, then try to add more features. I think something that would make it much better would be the addition of sound. Also, be aware that the character can jump infinitely, so that may break the game.

The music is very fitting given the background. Looks great! Controls can be a bit difficult at times. I really enjoy how the blocks show perspective.

When I play it, it is zoomed in and I cannot see the player or what is happening on the actual game. When you submit a game, ensure that it functions as intended for the user, especially after working so hard on it!

Great execution within 24 hours. I do not know if the voices are open-source or not, but just ensure that if you use anything, it is either open source or you get their permission first. If it is open source, then you are fine!

I think that the sound effect was great, but I think you could definitely look into some soft background music. Great concept!

Great use of the theme! The music really makes me feel that I am in an urgent situation. For a 24 hour jam, great product. Continue to work on it and expand the functionality.

Great game concept. I think that you might want to look into soothing background music. Controls are a little confusing at first, but are easy to understand once you have played once or twice.